The moment the service dog collapsed and began to whine, everyone at the airport stopped

Something truly incredible happened at Tampa International Airport. Everyone was amazed when they saw the official dog who just lay down on the floor and started whining. At the time, no one knew what had happened to the dog, but everyone thought it was a disease.

Nevertheless, the dog was preparing to give birth.

Diane Van Atter set out with her labrador Eleanor Rigby knowing she was about to give birth. However, she thought that it was still a few days away.

Although it was not a normal situation at the airport, they decided to let everything happen as nature dictates. It was difficult for someone not to notice what was happening. However, all they could do then was enjoy those truly wonderful moments.

Eleanor was accompanied by her partner Nugget.

People just stood and witnessed this incredible scene.

They were putting everything aside so they wouldn’t miss the birth of eight puppies by mother Eleanor.

People even took to Instagram to share this miraculous situation.

The puppies were named after the team that rescued them. This is how they thank them.

These people didn’t make it on time for their flight, but regardless, they still arrived in Philadelphia later.

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