The reason behind the Brazilian military armed additionally 27 Airbus H125 helicopters

The acquisition of the H125 propeller aircraft is expected to enhance the training capacity of the Brazilian Air Force and Navy.

Airbus Helicopters has received an order from the Brazilian armed forces to purchase a total of 27 single-engine H125 helicopters.

The aircraft is being acquired through the Combat Aircraft Program Coordination Committee (COPAC).

This acquisition is aimed at enhancing the training capacity of the Brazilian Air Force and Navy.

“This joint procurement contract represents the realization of a project that will equip both the Brazilian Air Force and Navy with modern aircraft that meet the needs of the Brazilian Air Force,” said Lieutenant General Carlos de Almeida Baptista Junior, Brazilian Air Force Commander. needs of the Force for the next 30 years. . ”

Production of the H125 will be carried out at the final assembly line of the H125 in the Helibras plant, Airbus’ subsidiary Helibras, 100% owned by Airbus in Itajubá, Brazil.

This is also the factory where the multi-purpose helicopter H225M Cougar of the Brazilian armed forces is assembled.

Once delivered, the new H125 fleet will replace the existing Eurocopter AS350 helicopters of the Brazilian Air Force and the existing Bell 206 helicopters of the Brazilian Navy.

Airbus’ H125 helicopters will feature a vehicle and engine multi-function display that will be compatible with the night-vision goggles.

Airbus Helicopters CEO Bruno Even said: “The H125 is a versatile helicopter used widely in both the civil and military markets as a training platform thanks to its ruggedness, reliability, and easy maintenance.”

The Brazilian armed forces currently own and operate as many as 156 Airbus helicopters, based at eight bases across the country, to support various search and rescue, tactical transport and civilian support mission.

The helicopters include 41 multi-purpose heavy H225M helicopters and 67 light single-engine Ecureuil family.

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