The rescue crew has left a public message for the owner of the dog that was left outside

Animal shelters get a large number of animals almost every day. Creatures that have been left, discovered on the streets, or pets who have been separated from their family.

It’s difficult to determine the circumstances behind any animal that gets up there.

Jumping to conclusions is as dangerous as it gets.

In the instance of this dog, we can all understand why it’s dangerous to cast judgment on someone we don’t know.

Delilah, a gorgeous German Shepherd, arrived at Sweet Home Doberman Rescue.

German Shepherds do not end up as stray dogs.

These are purebred canines, and no one would willingly surrender a German Shepherd.

Delilah’s mysterious owner had to leave her a letter. It was a somber letter that informed the shelter almost all they needed to know.

“Hello, my name is Delilah. Please locate me a new place to live. I like my diet to be a combination of lean or wet food and 2/3 cup hard food. Thank you very much.”

Something wasn’t right in the shelter.

This was not a family that just gave up their pet dog. There was a distinct sense of regret and reluctance to leave the dog in the message.

Even if it’s not said outright in the memo, anyone with a good sense of what’s going on will be able to figure it out.

So they penned a message back to Delilah’s owner, hoping to console them wherever they were.

“We are not here to pass judgment on you.” That is not our domain. We don’t know your tale and can only fathom the pain in your heart when you had to make the choice you made. ”

Perhaps Delilah’s owners had to go to college, quit their jobs, or had to work abroad with no one to care for her. There are many options, and the refuge was clear about how they saw the situation.

“We are not here to pass judgment on you.” That is not our responsibility. We’re sure there are many great recollections and moments spent together. Kisses and embraces abound. Share your secrets with the assurance that they will be kept secure. “A lifetime of love that is never long enough.”

They told them that Delilah was in good hands and that they didn’t need to be concerned. Every word of consolation was undoubtedly appreciated.

“We are not here to pass judgment on you.” That is not our character. You’re probably wondering whether she’s secure and loved right now. You’re probably wondering whether she’s warm and nourished right now. You’re undoubtedly wondering where she’ll be spending her days right now.

They needed everything now that Delilah was in their care.This dog will most likely struggle to acclimate to her new temporary home, but having the appropriate items might help.

Food, medical exams, and other comfort needs are very important right now, and the shelter has asked for help to get them.

“Delilah will always have a special place in our hearts.” We’re taking her to the vet today to figure out how to best care for her. If you want to help her with her medical and comfort needs, you may do so via…

The shelter received the assistance it needed! They got over $800 in contributions, which is a lot of money for a puppy. People in the comments were understanding, even commending the shelter for their demonstration of humanity.

Whatever happened to Delilah’s previous owner, she was secure and in excellent care.

Delilah passed away of old age surrounded by those who cared about her. I’m sure her previous family would have preferred nothing more.

Delilah, rest in peace. You may now run about to your heart’s delight.

Congratulations to this shelter for setting a good example.

We don’t always know the financial or social difficulties that certain people face. It’s a refreshing departure from the internet’s judgmental tone. Sweet Home Doberman Rescue did an excellent job.

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