The SSN-774 class – nuclear-powered cruise missile fast-attack submarines will be upgraded to new levels

General Dynamics Electric Boat (GDEB) has been awarded a contract modification for the US Navy’s Virginia-class nuclear-powered fast attack submarine (SSN).

The estimated value of this cost-plus-fixed-fee modification contract is approximately $532.9m.

An announcement related to this contract was released by the US Department of Defense (Dod ) on 3 October.

It revealed that this award also includes additional options, which if exercised, would increase the overall value to up to $813.72m.

The US Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) is managing the contract activity.

According to the Dod , the latest deal builds on a previously awarded contract that involved GDEB to conduct development studies, design efforts and provide lead-yard support for the Virginia-class submarines.

The company will carry out the associated work at its facilities in Groton in Connecticut and Newport News in Virginia, US. It is anticipated to complete by October next year.

GDEB president Kevin Graney said: “We are proud to continue to support the design and engineering of Virginia-class submarines to ensure they have the superior warfighting capabilities the US Navy needs to defend our nation.

“The continued evolution of the Virginia class over the last two decades guarantees our sailors the asymmetric advantage they deserve.”

The new Virginia-class submarines have been designed to gradually replace the US Navy’s Los Angeles-class submarines as they retire.

The new SSNs will offer enhanced warfighting capabilities to carry out both littoral and coastal operations.

Earlier this year, GDEB handed over the tenth Virginia-class SSN, USS Montana (SSN 794), to the US Navy.

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