The touching reunion between the family of the dog who was kidnapped five years ago

Stephanie Moore-Malmstrom assumed it was a joke when she received a text stating that her dog, Sheba, had been recovered in a town more than 600 miles away.

“My first reaction was, ‘Where are my one million bucks and my cruise?

Moore-Malmstrom said as much to The Dodo. “‘Someone is trying to con me,’”

Sheba was identified by a police officer via her microchip, but Moore-Malmstrom remained skeptical. However, as soon as Moore-Malmstrom met Sheba on FaceTime, despite the fact that the puppy was somewhat older, she knew it was her pet.

Moore-Malmstrom stated, “I was thinking ‘Oh my God, you have my dog and our child.’”

Sheba was soon flying home with the assistance of Pilots N Paws, an organization dedicated to saving animals by flying them back to their families or to no-kill shelters.

Moore-Malmstrom was ecstatic to finally see her dog after such a long time as Sheba walked off the plane. Sheba was ecstatic to see Moore-daughters Malmstrom’s and rushed over quickly.

“I experienced every emotion that you could begin to imagine,” Moore-Malmstrom added. Sheba could not reach my daughters quickly enough.

Sheba was at last able to relax and bathe in her family’s love, having reached safety in their arms.

The Moore-Malmstrom family concluded that when Sheba was kidnapped from their Baytown, Texas, backyard in 2018, she was transferred to the Texas panhandle, where she was adopted by a family with whom she resided for four and a half years. When that family was forced to relocate and re-home Sheba, her new owners decided they could no longer care for her and abandoned her on the street. A local girl was caring for Sheba outside when an animal control officer discovered her and scanned her microchip.

Moore-Malmstrom is extremely appreciative to everyone who assisted with the return of Sheba, particularly Borger Animal Control and Friends of the Texas Panhandle Shelter Animals.

Moore-Malmstrom stated, “So many people collaborated to bring her home to me.”

Sheba seemed really grateful to be reunited with her family. Even though they’ve been separated for so long, they have the rest of their life to make up for lost time.

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