The victimized dog was so traumatized by the mistreatment that it howled when the rescuer touched her

Animal rescuer Monica Mitreanu from Romania has been rescuing dogs for a long time. But in one of her latest rescue operations, where she saved a dog named Priscilla. Monica reported that she found Priscilla in an extremely abused state and that the dog had been repeatedly tortured and beaten since she was a puppy.

Priscilla had another traumatic experience when she was brought to the Breasta-Craiova shelter. The poor dog got scared when she saw people and immediately ran into a corner to hide. Monica was devastated to discover that Priscilla reacted instinctively by being afraid of people. In the video below, we see Monica approaching Priscilla gently and trying to calm her down. But when Monica touches her, the frightened dog gets worse. We can see the pain and desperation in her eyes as she desperately begs Monica to forgive her.

But Monica is determined to help Priscilla overcome her fears. Little by little the dog recognizes the sincere and loving touch of the rescuer, breaks down and cries in her arms. This video destroyed my soul. No one has the right to mistreat innocent animals and get away with it.

Let’s take a stand and know that the animal torturer will pay for his crimes!

Watch the video below to see how Monica helped Priscilla deal with her abusive past. Please turn down the volume at the beginning of the video as the dog is screaming loudly.

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