To optimize the lifting helicopter Magellan Aerospace has support for the CH-53K King stallion

Magellan Aerospace has secured a contract to support the US Marine Corps ’ (USMC ) CH-53K King Stallion low-rate initial production (LRIP) configuration helicopter.

The multi-million-dollar contract has been awarded by Lockheed Martin company Sikorsky .

As part of this multi-year deal, Magellan Aerospace will provide for the LRIP of assemblies for hard metal and machined deliverables that will support the production of CH-53K heavy-lift helicopters.

Magellan Aerospace CEO and president Phillip Underwood said: “We are delighted with this significant new contract award and the opportunity to solidify the relationship between Sikorsky and Magellan .

“This agreement is an important expression of confidence in our operational performance and the expertise in precision hard metal machining at our New York facility.”

Work associated with the latest contract will be carried out at the company’s facility in New York.

Delivery of the assemblies is expected to start from next year.

The production contract for the CH-53 helicopters was awarded to Sikorsky in 2019. The USMC intends to procure a total of 200 helicopters.

The USMC has already declared initial operational capability for the new CH-53K helicopter in April.

This was followed by the delivery of third LRIP helicopter to the USMC in July.

Sikorsky is on track to deliver the remaining helicopters that are expected to join the USMC ’s fleet in fiscal year (FY) 2024.

It will be deployed under the USMC ’s first CH-53K Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) detachment.

The CH-53K aircraft will allow the USMC to transport equipment and troops quickly and efficiently to higher altitude terrain and from ship to shore.

The next-generation helicopter fleet is being developed to replace the USMC ’s CH-53E Super Stallion helicopters.


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