US Air Force F-15E Fighter has been armed with extra upgraded digital anti-load GPS system

The US Air Force (USAF) F-15E fighter jet will soon receive an upgrade to its digital anti-jamming global positioning system (GPS). The device, named DIGAR (Digital GPS Anti-clock Receiver) will be provided and integrated by BAE Systems through a signed contract.

DIGAR technology will protect the F-15E Strike Eagle from enemies who continuously interfere with the GPS signal. “Modern air missions require accurate positioning and navigation data and a GPS system that is able to withstand the best of adversary interference efforts,” said Greg Wild, director of product line for navigation systems and sensors at BAE Systems. “Our DIGAR antenna electronics are trusted to protect this platform in a contested environment,” he said.

Work on these upgrades will be carried out at the company’s facilities in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA. The F-15E Strike Eagle is the second USAF fighter jet to receive the DIGAR GPS upgrade.

Previously, the first aircraft to be equipped with this technology was the F-16 Fighting Falcon. As part of BAE Systems’ family of military GPS products, DIGAR enables fighter jets to perform missions in harsh signal environments by providing a reliable military GPS system.

The company says DIGAR uses high-performance signal processing and advanced antenna electronics to ensure better GPS signal reception.

In addition to combat aircraft, BAE Systems says its GPS products can also be used in intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), handheld electronics, precision-guided munitions and other vehicles.


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