Weeping with the faithful dog who had waited in vain for the owner’s passing for 80 days

Recently, a clip of a dog waiting for its owner on a busy road in Hohhot city, Inner Mongolia was shared on social networks and received the attention of many people. In the clip, it can be seen that although it was very dark, the dog patiently sat there and did not move as if waiting for something.

It is known that the owner of this dog is a girl, but ᴅɪᴇᴅ after being hit by a car yesterday. Since then, for 80 days, the black-and-white dog has been sitting on the side of the road or sometimes the divider between two lanes waiting for her owner to return.

Loyal dog is still waiting for his owner

Many people, when they saw the dog, couldn’t help but worry that it might be in danger when standing in the middle of the road like that waiting for their deceased owner, and at the same time hoping that there will be a good person. bring it home and take care of it.

A driver who often runs through this route said he was very touched and surprised by the deep affection between the dog and his owner. This person also added that every day he passed here, he had to look around, find out where the dog was, and then bring food for it.

Since the day the former owner passed away due to a traffic accident, the dog has been patiently waiting by the side of the road for 80 days


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