Werewolf cats are genuine, and they are one of nature’s strangest and frightening kinds

Werewolf cats are an actual breed of domestic house cats, and they’re super odd.

When you think of a normal cat, your mind goes to a big fur ball with round faces and even rounder bellies, but these unique cats are far from your usual breeds.

The peculiar pussies, known officially as Lykoi cats, look the way they do because of a genetic mutation. Some will have lots of fur, while others will be partially hairless.

The mutation means the cats lack the components needed to create hair, so they often don’t have an undercoat, unlike most cats.Having such thin fur, it emphasises the cats’ big eyes and pointy, werewolf-like ears

Apparently there’s only five breeders of them in the whole world, so that’s probably why you (fortunately) haven’t had one howling at the moon on your front lawn.

Adding to their quirkiness, it’s said Lykoi cats have some dog-like qualities in the way that they behave – it’s even said they act like a pack when there’s a group of them together.

One person online joked that Lykoi cats are a product of kittens being born during a full moon, while someone else said, ‘I’ll keep my elderly Siamese cat thank you. She’s enough of a weirdo.’

Love them or hate them – you’ve got to admit that they’re definitely a breed of their own.

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