When a mountain lion discovered a swing, she began to play on it like a large kitten

We like seeing pets, particularly kittens, playing with their toys.

These adorable films are all over our social media sites. Have you ever seen a lion play?

A camera captured one mountain lion swinging at night in this video.

Mountain lions, also known as cougars, pumas, or catamounts, are more closely related to domestic cats than to any other lion subspecies, according to Project Cayote.

Cougars are a strong and adaptive species.

It can be found in almost every kind of American ecosystem. It has the most extensive range of any big wild terrestrial animal in the Western Hemisphere.

This mountain lion may be considered a member of the cat family. Maybe that’s why they’re so amusing.

This lion has just laid down.This mountain lion opted to relax and sleep next to this swing after a battle for food.

According to the video’s uploader, this lion is part of a group of three lions that have been hanging around in their area for a month.

However, after two days, the lion discovered that the swing moved. The lion was taken aback.

In this shot, you can see how shocked the lion was when the swing began to, well, swing.

Like a large kitten. The lion began to play the swing after seeing that it was moving.

Curiosity kills the cat, but in this video, we may argue that it makes the cat happy.

With over 708k views, we can safely claim that people like seeing the playful nature of wild animals like this mountain lion.

Some followers expressed surprise at seeing a lion playing in the woods.

Another person said that he came across several mountain lions while trekking and that they are friendly creatures.

So let’s hope these lions weren’t hungry.

According to the description on YouTube, this cat was abandoned by her mother.

Her first hunt and kill was most likely a deer nearby. As you can see, her right cheek is injured from the battle.

A National Geographic article says that for the first 10 days after giving birth, a mountain lion mother stays in her burrow with her litter of up to five kittens.

She purrs virtually continuously in order to interact with her offspring, who open their eyes at about a week old.

The family exits the cave together when the spotted, sharp-toothed kittens are roughly six weeks old, according to the research.

While their mother hunts, the kittens follow her, initially straining to keep up.

To hunt alone, she usually conceals them near a kill site. When they can keep up, they usually stay together.

In the video below, you can see a mountain lion swinging like a large cat!

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