When bystanders feed a starving wild dog, he sheds tears and bows his head in gratitude

The poor dog was found eating near a park in Jinzhong, in China’s Shanxi province, in early December, composes pintiks

Out of love for the orphaned animal walking in the cold wind, the lady prepared a sausage to feed it. As she had a hard time to unwrap it, the stray dog continued to look at her. His eyes were bright and its tail moved happily.

The next day, the kind lady, who also shared the emotional video on social media, went back to the park to search for the puppy.

When the canine saw the benefactress from a range, he gladly ran towards her, wagging his tail as if to welcome her. He also stood up on his hind legs, held his front paws and bowed repeatedly. He seemed like a human expressing his joy at meeting her. As soon as she brought the food, the canine suddenly broke down in tears. Partly out of joy and emotion, partly out of pity.

Woman Xiaoxiang told the Morning Post:,, Me and my friends were going to the park when we saw the stray dog. As we fed the pup, his eyes all of a sudden full of tears.”

I felt so poor that I intended to give him a tight hug, but the canine rejected to stand still and wished to jump into the road.

Maybe he’s afraid we’re dog thieves who lure canines into their vehicles with food and after that take them away to sell.” she proceeded. Some time later, on December 23, she returned to the park to seek the canine. Sadly he was nowhere to be found.

,, I’ve been searching for a few days. I can’t find the puppy anywhere.” she claims, confused.,, I’ll probably ask the local scavengers.”

People in Douyin who have actually seen the clip of the smart dog are hoping he will certainly be found soon. “He is a canine with talking eyes. Please don’t injured him.” one person wrote. “I hope this dog is not caught.” commented another. A 3rd recommendation:,, Can someone adopt him?

Watch the video here:

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