When they told the dog he was useless and being ejected, the dirty puppy bent in shame

All puppies need loving care. They cannot go out alone in search of food, writes ilovemydogsomuch. Such a young puppy, scared and alone, risks starving to death. Finding water and shelter is another challenge that adult dogs also face.

This little puppy was in a terrible situation when he was found alone on the street. He was almost hairless and scratching his skin. The most heartbreaking thing was that he kept his head down as if he was not worthy of a good life. He was physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted.

The rescue team in Brazil named the puppy Sardinha. She was very sweet, but almost immobile. Some locals said he was thrown out of his home when he got sick. Others said he was always on the streets. It didn’t matter how he got here. What matters now is what happens next!

Rescuers take the shy puppy to the vet. He’s in a terrible state! The poor boy has mange, worms and an eye infection. But surprisingly, he realizes that all the people he has met since he was picked up from the street are there to help him. It takes a while, but eventually the pup lifts his head and makes eye contact. This was a big step for him.

Convincing Sardinha that she is worthy of love and affection will be a difficult task. But no one will give up on him. The shelter received a call from a very kind woman who loves dogs. She has helped rescue dogs in the past. It is not possible to build a proper shelter with limited resources. The next step for this lovely male dog is to live with her! She will be the perfect foster mom for this deserving puppy.

It takes a few days, but Sardinha undergoes a major transformation. The puppy who used to hang his head in shame starts to show his playful side. He loves fetching and chasing toys, but is a bit shy at first. As soon as he realizes that he is really safe, he wags his tail and smiles. A truly impressive sight!

A neighboring family saw Sardinha playing outside and, knowing that the woman often adopted children, asked for her. They wanted to meet him and see if he would fit in with their children. A week later, the adoption papers were signed! Sardinha now has a forever home. Hungry and almost hairless, the puppy is now ready for a life full of love.

This is the kind of closure we pray for!

Thank you, dear rescuers! Sardinha deserved everything and more!

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