Wow!!! Fascinating and passionating mating moments

In the animal kingdom, there are many unique and surprising mating behaviors. From the Leviticus kangaroos that can maintain love for up to 14 hours, to lions that mate 20 to 40 times a day, lasting up to four days in a row, these animals show that they are truly worthy of the world’s admiration when it comes to reaching emotional paradise.

Apart from our big brothers and sisters in the bed village, there are other animals that dare to go on the list of species that do the weirdest sex in the natural world. In today’s video, we will continue to take you on an ecstasy-filled journey of discovery about some animals that will definitely surprise you, especially the final boss.

Let’s get started by exploring special types of animals that have the most unique stories that you probably didn’t even know about. First, the giraffe, which tastes urine to test the mates. We will come to the grasslands inhabited by giraffes to visit these tall guys and girls. Giraffes are quite interesting animals and extremely attractive to anyone, whether children or adults.

During the breeding season, male giraffes roam a lot in a herd in search of a suitable female giraffe to begin the breeding process. They have a very interesting way of checking if the female is ovulating or not: they nudge the female’s butt to get her to urinate, and then they taste the urine to test it. According to scientists, male giraffes have a strange tongue which can detect a specific substance in the urine of females at the right time to reproduce. After a suitable object has been identified, the males will become countering to the female deer by pursuing them until they agree to have sex.



13 Mating Giraffes Photos and Premium High Res Pictures - Getty Images

Next up, the panda, which is a caring mate. Welcome to the kingdom of cuteness, the world of pandas. The panda is China’s national treasure, an animal that attracts a lot of attention around the world, not only because of their rarity but also because of their loveliness. In order to have a baby panda, the male panda must choose the right time to fertilize, as female pandas can only receive sperm for three short days inyear. The male pandas are not in any hurry, and they are always gentle and ready to wait until the female is really ready to have sex.

Caught in the act: Rare panda mating filmed at Vienna zoo |

Moving on to the Bonobo monkey, which knows how to take a selfie. Our group lands very smoothly in the habitat of the Bonobo monkeys. They are quite close relatives to us humans, so their love life is also quite similar to ours. If we build society based on social relationships, intimate relationships, or communication, then the Bonobo monkey builds their society based on sex. They seem to use sexual behavior in every social situation in which they participate, sometimes to greet each other, apologize, ask for more food, or resolve conflicts. A very special thing about this species is that they are extremely romantic, with French kissing and they can also take a selfie, which they do very often.

Why do female bonobos have more sex with each other than with males?


Bonobo Love | Wild Wives of Africa - YouTube


Bonobo apes mating - Stock Image - Z912/0185 - Science Photo Library

Lastly, snails use arrows of love. After leaving the home of the Bonobo monkeys, we will come together to the territory of snails. Small, slow snails will have something interesting to attract us here. Snails are hermaphroditic and have unique characteristics that are far different from other species. They possess a thing called the arrow of love to shoot before rain clouds. It is a compound containing calcium and quite hard and small, making the snail more receptive to sperm when they release from their eye. The slug that lives on bananas has a rather long penis compared to its body, up to 15 to 20 millimeters long, causing a lot

The Surprisingly Egalitarian Love Lives of Garden Snails - JSTOR Daily


What Do Snails Think About When Having Sex?

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