11-year-old boy jumps into the water after hearing the moans of his 70 kg rottweiler drowning

For a boy who loves his dog with all his might, regardless of its size, any life-threatening situation will make him risk everything to keep it safe.

Love is a powerful feeling that drives people to do amazing things without much thought. Somehow, this translates into an impulse that makes anyone act in a dangerous situation.

Only this could explain the reaction of this sweet little boy who jumped into the water to rescue his dog when he saw that the poor little animal was drowning.

At only 11 years old, the boy has become a true hero.

Matheus Felipe lives in Brazil and a few weeks ago he performed a true act of heroism and the best show of love and solidarity he could have for his dog Nitro.

It is a large adult Rottweiler that fell into the swimming pool of the residence without any of the family noticing.

The little animal approached to drink water from the pool without imagining that everything could end in tragedy.

Apparently, the dog was in the backyard of the house and accidentally ended up in the water. Although some dogs are very good swimmers, Nitro’s weight and age didn’t seem to have helped.

The poor big dog was struggling to get out without any result.

At a good moment Matheus noticed the situation and came to his rescue. The boy was inside the house but heard the pleading barking of his pet and knew something was wrong.

He immediately went outside to investigate and panicked at the scene.

Nitro was trying to get out of the pool but in his struggle he was only sinking deeper and deeper, and swallowing more water. Nervous about the situation, Matheus didn’t hesitate for a second and jumped into the water to help his 70kg-plus adventure companion.

The dog weighs twice as much as the child, but that was no excuse to stop saving him.

The little boy found the strength to swim to the edge of the pool with Nitro in his arms and as best he could, pulled him out of the pool.

“I jumped in socks, shorts and a T-shirt (…) Nitro is a good friend of mine. When he came out of the water, he started licking me, saying ‘thank you’,” the boy told a local media.

The little boy’s feat was applauded by the whole family but not only they were grateful for his bravery, but also the neighbors. It turns out that Nitro is a beloved little dog in the community.

Even local media took interest in the story.

Moreover, the news of this rescue went viral the moment the family shared the security video of the property. The entire accident was recorded in the video.

It took Matheus a few seconds to get Nitro out of the water

At the end of the recording you can see the furry one all soaked and surely scared, but he immediately licks the little boy’s face. It is clear that inside his mind the dog understood what his owner had done and was really grateful for his bravery and love.

Thanks to the little boy the accident was just an unexpected episode that has nothing to regret today.

We are glad that this cute little dog has his little unconditional human willing to do anything to save his life as many times as necessary. We hope that from now on they will take every precaution so that something like this does not happen again.

Children have a lot to teach us and courage and loyalty are part of it. Bravo, Matheus, for your beautiful feat!

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