13 firefighters fight for 3 hours to save a defeated mare awaiting her end

The presence of firefighters in the rescue of vulnerable animals in great distress cannot fail to move us.

Many of these heroes without capes do not discriminate between humans and helpless creatures, for them there will always be lives to save. Their great love and courage knows no bounds.

However, saving large animals is always much more complex. But, in spite of that, firefighters will always risk everything knowing that a life depends on it. And a group of heroes in France proved it.

13 brave firefighters fought tirelessly to rescue a mare in distress.

In the province of Chemin du Coulet, a mare was in serious trouble. She had slipped on a bridge footbridge and was trapped in a small stream.

Injured and cold, it seemed that the creature would meet its end.

Unable to get up under her own power, the mare named Daysi kept whimpering from the pain and cold of the muddy ground.

Firefighters arrived around 8:40 am, after her owners reported the accident that was presumed to have occurred the night before.

The 29-year-old mare’s integrity was really compromised.

The rescue did not look easy at all, as the animal was quite stressed and initially was not cooperative at all, perhaps because she was suffering too much and did not understand that they really wanted to help her.

The men of the Grimp (Group of reconnaissance and intervention in dangerous environments) from Martigues, Gardanne and Aix-en-Provence, arrived on the scene full of determination, determined to rescue her.

“Calm down little friend, we are here to help you, we won’t leave until we save you”.

Equipped with pulleys, harnesses and leashes, a group of at least 13 men immediately began working hard to rescue the frightened mare.

After more than 3 hours of grueling efforts, the goal was reached and the equine was freed from the deadly trap into which she had fallen.

The rescue can be considered a true miracle, as Daysi’s health was getting worse and worse.

After being freed from her uncomfortable position, a veterinarian determined that the animal had the beginnings of hypothermia. One thing was clear, and that was that if she had spent a few more minutes in that place, her body would not have resisted.

During the unprecedented rescue operation, not only the firemen were present, but also the veterinarian who assisted her and one of her owners.

The latter authorized the creature to be given a tranquilizer in order to put her to sleep and facilitate her rescue.

Everyone wanted to do their bit to save her.

Fortunately, the man trusted the specialists and let them work, and that simple decision changed the course of the equine’s story.

Daysi is now back in her stable with her owners, who are closely following her recovery.

Although she did not suffer any fractures, the creature must recover from the significant injuries she sustained trying to get out of that mess.

This is the full video of Daysi’s rescue that restores our faith in humanity:

Both Daysi’s owners and the neighbors of the community, were absolutely grateful to the firefighters for their laudable work.

The rescue was covered by several local media in an effort to pay a just tribute to the work of these heroes.

Such heroic and courageous acts deserve to be applauded and recognized around the world. We will never tire of thanking all the angels who committed themselves to the end just to see the poor mare serene, happy, and back in the arms of her owners.

This mare behaved like a warrior, fortunately she had the presence of true angels who bet everything to free her alive. Bravo, heroes!

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