14-year-old cat clings to grandmother’s arms to keep her company until her last breath

Life for this sweet cat changed completely after finding the perfect person to share the rest of his life with.

The cat was rescued in early May of this year and taken to the Friends of Anne Arundel County Animal Care & Control shelter in Maryland-USA.

He was a 14 year old gray cat who turned out to be extremely cuddly, very cautiously approached each of the volunteers at the shelter and ended up winning their hearts immediately.

14 year old cat finds his ideal companion to spend the rest of his life with.

The shelter staff arranged a place for him to rest, offered him a warm bed and christened him LL Cool J.

The sweet kitty could count on a comfortable and safe place while they found him a home where he could spend the rest of his life. His caregiver commented on the matter:

“He loves to be petted and meows as soon as he knows you are around. He craves attention, head butts and still has a lot of love to give.”

While LL Cool J. is of adult age, he still has a lot of energy and love to give. He loves to sunbathe by the window and knead his little paws on the pillow; but most of all, he enjoys the company of people, giving and receiving lots of cuddles.

It is enough for him to see someone resting on an armchair or a piece of furniture and he will quickly run to cuddle next to them.

An adult cat who loves to be cuddled and be the center of attention.

This cuddly cat spent several months at the shelter until he finally found the perfect person who matched his pace and lifestyle. One of the volunteers at the shelter knew just the person for sweet LL Cool J.

It was the mother of a volunteer who resides at an assisted living facility in Brightviem Severna Park. Through the interwebs, the shelter released the exciting news.

“The pandemic has been so hard on residents of assisted living facilities and their loved ones, who are unable to receive visitors, share with a hug or even a cuddle.

LL Cool J (now renamed Raven) is able to live with this lady thanks to their pet policies, which allow residents to have a well-behaved, vaccinated pet that weighs no more than 11 kilograms.

It’s a win-win situation for both humans and senior pets.”

Fortunately, when Raven met Granny, the bond was instant, he tenderly jumped on her lap and ended up snuggling sweetly on her lap.

Granny was so excited that a smile broke out on her face at having the ideal companion to share her days with. Now, they are an inseparable couple who melt everyone with their complicity and genuine love.

Their life went from normal to something truly extraordinary with their new adoptive mother.

The 14 year old cat has become the best source of love and happiness for his elderly mother, they both enjoy each other and spend their days with the certainty that every day they can continue to love each other.

For Raven, the waiting time was worth it, as there is no greater satisfaction for her shelter staff than to see him enjoying a life where he is loved unconditionally.

While the pandemic affects us all, the reality has hit everyone differently, we are happy to know that in the midst of this crisis, the little furry ones are those angels who will always be there to protect us and give us a gesture of love when we thought all was lost.

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