2 legged dalmatian puppy has the best home to be happy after being rescued from slaughterhouse

Dog lover Misha Rackcliff Hunt, 28, has given a second chance to a Dalmatian puppy who has become the new center of her life. In just a few months, Emma Roo became the great love of Misha, who adopted her last year and couldn’t help but be surprised by her sad story.

Misha and the Dalmatian are now a great team and are fighting to put all the bad things behind them.

This Dalmatian is one of thousands of puppies living a real nightmare in dog meat slaughterhouses in China.

Emma was rescued in 2017 when she was about 8 weeks old, by which time the heartless traffickers had amputated her front legs.

Emma’s ears and part of her tail had suffered the same fate.

This brave little creature overcame a lot of pain and struggled to get by. When she was rescued, she was sent to a veterinary center in Beijing, where doctors discovered a defect in one of her hind legs.

According to specialists, the dog may have lost her limbs intentionally. It seems that in this “trade” they usually perform amputations without anesthesia because in the process the creature releases adrenaline, a substance that makes the animal’s flesh softer.

Fortunately, Emma endured the necessary days to be rescued.

After two years of going through different centers, the furry animal arrived at a non-profit organization based in South Florida. It is Dalmatian Rescue, whose volunteers were in charge of reuniting Emma with Misha, after the woman saw the furry dog on the organization’s website.

From that moment on, the outlook changed completely for the Dalmatian.

“I remember seeing Emma for the first time online: she has the most human-colored amber eyes I’ve ever seen. I didn’t even think about the logistics. I knew this little dog was sent to me for a reason,” said Misha.

The Dalmatian arrived in the United States just weeks before the country was quarantined for COVID-19, and from that point on she began a struggle to adapt to her new home.

Emma went around the world to find true happiness.

Misha revealed that the little dog is quite fearful, she is frightened by loud noises from machinery or chainsaws, as well as some men but they are working together to get her over her traumas.

“She can also be wary of men, so I chose a male masseuse who she loves to see on a weekly basis. It has really changed her behavior,” she said.

It has been more than a year since Misha’s race to improve Emma’s quality of life began, and she has not only showered her with love, but she is also looking for ways to help the Dalmatian recover from her pain.

Come on, my dear, you can recover!

Through Joey’s PAW organization, of which the woman is now an ambassador, she was able to contact Derrick Campana of Bionic Pets, who provided her with a custom-made prosthesis.

In addition, thanks to an online fundraiser, thousands of people were moved by the story and helped this Dalmatian obtain a chair for pain-free mobility.

This has been a great help for the furry girl.

Emma’s recovery continues, as the adaptation to her prosthesis and her stroller has not been easy, but this Dalmatian continues to give her all.

With a lot of effort she has managed to take small steps.

Misha takes Emma weekly to a local dog pool where she receives water therapies and massages that are helping her to release the tension in her back muscles. Although the road is still long, we are sure that the worst is over for this helpless little dog whose story will now be much happier.

The ambition of some people has no limits, but the love of others can stop the most terrible acts of evil and this is demonstrated by Emma’s story of overcoming.

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