6-month-old puppy is cared for when neglect was about to extinguish her hope

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to hear about animals that fall into the hands of careless and irresponsible people, who forget that they have a life under their care that they must take care of.

Such is the case of Kibby, a puppy in Australia who was found in terrible conditions. Caslin, a Safe Perth volunteer, heard about the pet’s condition and immediately wanted to help.

The dog was in deplorable condition.

The dog was transported to Broome Pound free of charge by an organization called Jetpets, which is dedicated, among other things, to lending a helping hand in extremely serious cases.

When Caslin and Steve, the volunteers in charge of the case, went to pick her up at the airport, Kibby was very shy, but it seemed as if deep in her heart she knew that things were about to get better.

And she was not wrong, her life would change completely thanks to the solidarity of those who were willing to help her and watch over her health and well-being.

Although shy, it seemed as if Kibby knew she was in the right hands.

During her car ride to the vet, she was loving and responsive. It was evident that one of the things Kibby needed most, besides good food and care, was to feel the love of people.

When she was checked by the vet, it was evident that the dog’s problem was not a recent one. Unfortunately, she had been suffering for months from the consequences of the negligence of those who were supposed to take care of her.

But as love makes all things possible, the dog managed to recover not only from the physical wounds she was suffering, but also from those of her heart.

From the advanced state of her mange and judging by the condition of her skin, both on her face, the back of her body and paws, it was obvious that the disease had been with her since her first months of life.

It was a long time fighting against a problem that had been deteriorating, little by little, her immune system. Despite her pain, she remained strong, clinging to life.

Caslin and Steve trusted Kibby and saw in her a feisty little dog, unwilling to give up. She was eager to survive and recover by accepting the help she received.

The veterinarians gave Kibby medical treatment for her condition. Poor nutrition, as well as hygiene problems and neglect, had contributed to the development of her mange and the proliferation of her skin lesions, so they had to take action as soon as possible.

They soon began to provide her with the treatment indicated to save her.

With a lot of patience, abnegation, but above all, with a lot of love, Kibby’s care began and the results were not long in coming.

Little by little the puppy began to move forward and her mood changed considerably.

She went from being a shy and sad puppy to a playful and loving pet. Her fur may still be a little way off, but there is no doubt that this pet will finally have the life of love and happiness she so richly deserves.

Look how happy Kibby is now in his new home, with his new siblings.

Kibby’s transformation was reflected in this video

The before and after of this noble and adorable dog is impressive. She has completely transformed and you can see in her face the happiness she feels because she finally has the protection of a family.

Despite her painful past, the dog has recovered, proving that love achieves even what seems impossible. Her case reminds us of the importance of helping those animals in need.

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