A caring puppy is filmed getting out to help push his owner’s broken down car

The gesture of a caring puppy doing everything to give “a friendly paw” to his owner with a broken down car, has gone around the world. Each time, these sweet creatures surprise us with their displays of love that leave many speechless.

Dogs are some of the most loyal animals and excellent adventure companions. And when it comes to a German Shepherd, words are enough to show how far their unconditional love for their favorite humans can go.

But what no one expects is that a little dog will take on the role of another comrade, as if he were part of the group of friends, and will not hesitate to offer all his help when his best friend needs it.

That if all together, there will be the lomito lending his shoulder and his paws, to demonstrate once again that with him, until the end of the world, yes sir.

A German shepherd dog has earned the title of best friend in the world.

It is a surreal and adorable video, recorded in Tunja, Colombia, which has begun to circulate on social networks, melting the hearts of millions of Internet users.

It was the user Felix Martinez Martinez who captured the scenes and spread them on the networks, after he could not believe what he had in front of his eyes.

The little dog did not hesitate to lend his paws for a good cause.

It turns out that the adorable lomito that everyone has already called Firulais, was willing, as one of his friends, to help push the broken down car of his owner.

Certainly, having your car break down in the middle of traffic is an experience no one would want to go through. Except if you have the best of friends to come to your aid, and if you add to that a dedicated puppy, things change color.

In the blink of an eye, not only did unknown passers-by and friends of the owner join in pushing the car, but his faithful little dog, instead of staying all cozy inside the car, thought it would be very inconsiderate of him not to help.

The drivers were astonished to see him make an equal effort to keep up with his owner’s friends, helping him out of trouble.

The supportive little dog stole all eyes.

“This is when you know who is a true friend, hehehehe. Great Firulais. Tunja-Boyacá, Colombia”, reads next to the video that accumulates thousands of reproductions.

The scenes did not take long to generate thousands of comments from all Internet users moved by such noble work of the furry.

Although at first everyone thought it was nothing more than a solidary street lomito, then it became evident that he had a collar and the person who recorded the scenes noticed when the dog got out of the car willing to help.

Clearly, the rest of the men who helped were totally bewildered to see themselves supported by a four-legged creature. And the laughter did not allow them to help as much as they would have liked.

But, they did not want to undervalue his effort, so they decided to allow him his space in the group so that he would feel that his collaboration was just as important.

It is not clear how and why this little dog felt the instinct to push the car, but what we do know is that if there is one thing that little dogs know is empathy, solidarity and love. And without a doubt, seeing his beloved owner in distress was what moved him to act in this way.

Bravo, Firulais. We hope his owner was able to reciprocate so much love. These are adorable scenes that warm anyone’s soul and encourage us to value and respect our beloved pets even more.

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