A cat in a wheelchair and a 3-legged dog offer each other comfort and are now inseparable

A wheelchair-bound cat named Scooter and Falco, a three-legged dog, form a beautiful bond of friendship. They are, bidirectionally, the best friends anyone would ever want to have.

A cat who walks in a wheelchair due to a spinal injury and a three-legged dog become best friends.

The cat and the dog have many things in common and love each other unconditionally.

Despite their condition, dog and cat have managed to accompany each other for years, becoming each other’s support and vice versa. Unfortunately, Scooter, a Siamese breed, seriously injured his spine in an accident.

It is impossible for him to move his hind legs. On the other hand, Falco’s story is no less traumatic. He was found desolate in the streets, with one of his limbs vilely severed.

Undoubtedly, this situation has made them identify with each other and they have become great friends for life.

Both have had to go through many difficulties, but, fortunately, today they share a loving home that shelters them.

Scooter and Falco have fun together with Rose Mary Millan and Roy. Now, the beautiful couple of friends enjoy life with complete freedom. They love hiking, wrestling and napping together.

It is really nice to see them frolicking and climbing in the steep mountains of Bolivia, country where this beautiful story of love and brotherhood between different species was born. Rose films them and shares the videos on her social networks.

Needless to say, the cat and his best dog friend have become very famous on the Internet. Both have managed to attract many hearts to their story, in love with this wonderful and exemplary bond.

“They get along well and like to hang out together. They love to experience the outdoors and are very energetic and adventurous,” Rose Mary told a local media outlet.

But, in addition, the woman claims that, if it were up to them, they would be tangled up wrestling all day long. Despite their disabilities, neither the dog nor the cat gets any rest.

The woman and her partner decided to adopt Falco thanks to a friend. The friend found him wandering the streets alone, silently crying out for help. The wound on his amputated leg was at risk of becoming infected.

“The vet said the suturing on his wound was very poor. From the looks of the wound, it was definitely unprofessional. However, we will never know for sure what happened to him,” Rose added.

Someone inexperienced treated him and left horrible wounds on the dog’s body. This time, however, he fell into good hands. A second veterinarian was able to successfully intervene and save Falco’s life.

Subsequently, Rose Mary and her husband wanted to provide Falco with a foster home while they found him a forever home. But, as expected, this was far from an easy task.

In fact, the two had a very difficult time finding someone who was willing to adopt a three-legged dog. Unfortunately, people are more inclined to adopt healthy animals.

Animals like these prove that there is no such thing as a limit.

In view of the situation, Rose and her partner simply welcomed the beautiful dog into their lives. Today he lives happily alongside his adopted brothers, the cat Scooter and Louis.

However, Scooter was Falco’s favorite from the beginning, and established a special connection with him. Neither of them had any help getting around, but eventually they got the tool they so desperately needed.

Falco was implanted with a prosthesis, with which he performs a variety of activities like any normal dog. He jumps like a kangaroo, just as he would with three legs.

Falco is now happy and loves to enjoy life with his inseparable feline friend.

The truth is that, in the end, nothing is impossible for this adorable pair of best friends. They enjoy life unhindered and squeeze the most out of it. They are happy together, and they return that happiness to their loving human caregivers.

When looking for companionship, we should look not at appearance, but at emotions. The reality is that disabled animals end up being the forgotten ones.

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