A cat who spent days crying trapped in a wall, survived by miracle, is saved

A cat had the scare of her life when she got into trouble she thought she would never get out of, but fortunately, a worker discovered her and immediately reported her to the competent authorities.

Like children, animals often get into serious trouble because of their adventurous instinct and sometimes they are not able to perceive the danger they may be in.

This is precisely what happened with the cat in the following story.

She is a young feline who was trapped in the wall of an old mill and apparently stayed there, her little head stuck in a hole for days, struggling without being able to get out.

Although she was destined to die, a laborer working in the mill heard her meowing and began to investigate.

How surprised he was to see the cat’s head sticking through the concrete.

The cat was begging for help and the worker did not know how to act so as not to hurt her. The space in which she was trapped was very narrow, so he decided to contact an animal welfare group for help.

They were Penine Pen Animal Rescue, an animal rescue group from Oldham in the UK.

Help arrived at the right time, the volunteers did not hesitate to intervene.

The news went viral after the organization recounted the experience of this rescue, through its Facebook page.

“Today a worker came and asked us for help, he was working in the mills next to our rescue and knocking down a wall when he found this poor cat.

The animal had tried to get out through a small hole and was really stuck”, they wrote.

Although the man tried to rescue the animal he couldn’t do it alone, but once help arrived they ended up demolishing the wall very carefully so that the cat wouldn’t be hurt.

The poor thing was very frightened, so much so that at first the rescuers could not tell if it was a female or a male.

The creature wouldn’t stop moving and it was difficult to calm her down.

Once she was rescued, she was taken to the center to be evaluated by a veterinarian. The poor thing had her paws torn to shreds, you could tell she had been struggling to get out to no avail.

On top of that, the cat was quite dehydrated. No one knew how many days she had been there.

At the moment they rescued the animal, the foundation shared it on the networks in case there was anyone among their followers who had lost a cat with similar characteristics to those in the photographs.

Unfortunately, the creature did not have a chip so it was very difficult to locate her family in case she had one, and that is why she is still under the care of her rescuers.

Only a few days after she was released from the wall, the vets realized that she was pregnant.

Wanda, as they decided to call her, was pregnant during the incident and the doctors did not know what the puppies’ health status was.

After a checkup and several weeks of recovery, Wanda went into labor. Unfortunately her two kittens were born, but did not survive. The poor things were too small, had not developed well and crossed the rainbow.

Terrible news for everyone.

Now the team is focusing more than ever on the cat’s recovery. Her claws have healed, as have her sores. However, X-rays detected the presence of a piece of metal in her body and the poor thing must undergo surgery to remove it.

For now, rescuers are focusing on getting her strong before surgery and also on raising the money needed to pay for her medical treatment.

This cat has gone through very difficult situations in the last months, but we hope she will recover soon, luckily there are good people by her side who are fighting by her hand looking after her well being.

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