A chimpanzee’s gesture of true generosity to his best friend, a turtle

Animals never cease to amaze us with their witticisms and the solidarity they always show with others regardless of size, race, they just want to enjoy life and be happy.

This story shows us a couple a little mismatched if we see it under the limiting eyes of the human being. It is about an adorable chimpanzee and a cute tortoise who have a lovely friendship.

This pair are such good friends that they enjoy doing various activities together, especially eating.

These images are a perfect demonstration that nature is very wise and that in it we can find the most sincere relationships between animals, who ignore any characteristic differences of the species.

Perhaps it is very strange to see a couple of friends like this, but it is really adorable, words are not necessary when the facts speak for themselves.

In the images, the chimpanzee is seen sharing an apple with the tortoise, to whom he puts the fruit in his mouth so she can take a bite.

Anyone could say that this little monkey might walk away from sharing the fruit, but he shows his generosity and stays with his friend the tortoise and feeds it.

“The greatest happiness in the world is to make others happy,” wrote a Nature Creatures spokesperson, alongside the video of these adorable animal friends.

First the chimpanzee bites into the apple and then puts it in the tortoise’s mouth for her to take a bite, and so on until the fruit is finished.

There seems to be nothing going on around these great friends, they are simply focused on enjoying their moment savoring the delicious and sweet apple.

The video has gone around the world, praising this pair of animals, especially the companionship that exists between them and that overflows across the screen.

The recording has been shared thousands of times reaching 10,000 reactions with hundreds and hundreds of comments that made it viral on the networks.

The video of this pair of friends has caused a stir on social media:

Undoubtedly, we humans have a lot to learn from animals, especially about solidarity, loyalty, companionship and love itself.

For these beings the most important thing is to enjoy life, always smile and never forget to be happy. Share this lovely video and let us know what you think.

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