A distraught and desperate cat is recorded dragging the lifeless body of her best friend

Animals also feel deeply the departure of their loved ones, as demonstrated by a poor grieving cat that was filmed while dragging the lifeless body of her best friend. The outcome of this story generates thousands of comments.

On many occasions we have heard of the incredible loyalty of dogs, giving ample proof of what they are capable of doing for those they love the most, such as their favorite humans or other furry companions.

But in the case of cats, we are used to stories that show their character, their independence and if anything, we might doubt that they really manifest unconditional love like doggies.

However, a recent video of a dismayed kitten’s reaction to the death of her best friend, another kitten, has shocked social networks.

The scenes were captured in the Songbei district of Harbin, Heilongjiang province, northern China.

It is the heartbreaking moment when a devastated kitten is reluctant to leave the lifeless body of her best friend, who has just passed away.

Judging by the scenes, maybe the kitten thinks he can still do something to save her life. And in desperation, he starts dragging his friend’s heavy body along the road.

The cat did everything to prevent her friend from leaving him alone in this world.

Some witnesses mention that they first saw how the kitten exhausted all his efforts to revive her, but seeing that nothing worked, he did something truly extraordinary.

In the video you can see how the persevering and compassionate tabby cat holds the flaccid body of the deceased kitten with his mouth.

He wants with all his might to get her out of the busy street and to safety.

At times, exhausted by the effort, he has to make a few stops to regain his strength, but he won’t give up until his friend is safe.

Nothing will stop him from carrying her to safety while his heart is broken into a thousand pieces

The kitten finds a parked white car and sees that that might be a good place to stay there, and maybe hopefully some kind soul will come to her aid.

The footage ends with the kitten, making her last effort to drag her friend under the car.


It is not known for sure what was the cause of death of the kitten, but judging by the first scene, it would seem that she was hit by another car. And at that moment he begins his titanic work to revive her.

Sadly, all this happens while shocked and “curious” passers-by just film without doing anything for the cat. At least it is not known if anyone stopped or if the person filming intervened afterwards. We think not.

“Her friend is dead, look at the cat,” is heard in a voice in the background of the video.

Other sources claim that there was an animal shelter in the area and that hopefully some rescuer noticed the grieving cat, to at least offer her a helping hand.

We really hope that people become aware that there is no point in just recording, what would it cost them to put down the phone for a moment and at least caress his little head?

It is a scene that breaks our souls and at the same time leaves us with the best of lessons. If after watching this video some fool still dares to claim that animals have no feelings, he has not understood anything.

Here you can watch the video that has filled with helplessness and brought tears to more than one:

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