A filthy puddle became home to a poor puppy that could not move

When they found a little dog almost submerged in a dirty puddle, full of garbage, and in the most pitiful conditions, their heroes burst into tears. What happened next touches everyone’s heart and restores our faith in humanity.

We will never tire of saying that life on the streets, can be one of the worst experiences for a pet.

There are too many stories and cases that show us, with more than chilling facts, that this can be so, without a doubt!

The little dog could not get out of the filthy puddle on her own.

Jeevith is the protagonist of one of those episodes that can really make us change the perspective we have about abandoned dogs and cats, as well as to do more, much more to protect these little ones.

The dog was totally paralyzed, she could not move, her body did not respond?

This in itself is an extremely serious problem, but imagine how much worse this condition can become if the pet lies, motionless, in a pool of dirty water.

Helpless, dehydrated, malnourished and sick as it was, it soon became a target for parasites and other pests.

We have omitted the video of the rescue because of its pitiful scenes, but the after pictures will warm your heart….

Luckily for Jeevith, a man saw the puppy’s condition and immediately reported her case on Facebook, bringing it to the attention of a local rescue called Kannan Animal Welfare, in Uttar, Pradesh, India.

They jumped into action as soon as possible, because judging by the condition of the puppy in the photos, she was in urgent need of help.

In a Facebook post, the rescue recounted the soul-drilling condition of the little dog:

“We found Jeevith in a state that is impossible to describe without us shedding tears as we tell the tale…. Half eaten by maggots, immobile and awaiting her end. She had not eaten for days and the dirty water had made her skin very sensitive. She had lost an eye to the worms and her body was riddled with holes, 22 of them”.

She was just a bundle of bones but despite her paralysis, depression and weakness, she did not stop fighting.

As soon as they saw her, they knew that they had no easy challenge ahead of them and that in large part, the pet’s life would depend on their fighting spirit, but they would not give up.

Some vermin had caused serious injuries to the dog’s body, especially to one of her eyes.

They were unable to save her right eye, but this would not stop her from getting better.

“Every veterinarian we took her to told us to put her to sleep to end her suffering, with the exception of Max Vets,” the rescuers recounted.

“Determined to save her, we began caring for her day and night with all our love and care. It took 4 months of sincere efforts and overwhelming love from each of us to begin her journey to becoming the curious ball of fluff we know today,” they added.

In Jeevith emerged a loving and wonderful little dog.

The name she was given Jeevith, which means “One Who Lives,” could not have done more justice to her incredible recovery and strong determination to become the being of light she is now.

She was eventually adopted by a wonderful family in Canada and currently lives with her loving family and two canine friends.

“Her story keeps us on our toes and encourages us to keep saving other Jeeviths waiting down the road to give them a second chance at life. She is the inspiration for everything we do. She invites us to remind the world that even the darkest days have a silver lining,” they conclude.

Jeevith’s case should serve to remind everyone of the wonder of second chances. Let’s not stop fighting for the most vulnerable!

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