A golden retriever has been a dolphin’s best and most faithful friend since they were babies

Animals can be great friends, even a dog and a dolphin. It doesn’t matter that they are so different. For Gunner and Delta, friendship is definitely a word written in gold letters. They don’t know how to lie.

The dog and the dolphin have no qualms about showing their affection.

Have you ever had a dog and a cat that were best friends? Or a turtle and a rabbit that seemed to get along swimmingly? Well, you’ll agree that these friendships between different animals are fascinating.

Delta is a very friendly dolphin

You might even have witnessed one yourself, and if not, you’ve probably seen countless stories and examples on the Internet. These are precious beings, who share much more than mere survival instinct.

Gunner’s favorite place is the beach

For example, today we are going to tell you about a friendship without limits between a friendly Golden retriever dog and an intelligent and loving dolphin, yes, that’s right.

It was friendship at first sight

The images of Gunner, the dog, and Delta, the dolphin, have stolen the hearts of thousands of social network users. They were shared in a publication made by a man identified by the name of Ken.

In them, they are seen sharing like two great comrades. Truly, this is one of the most touching series of photos you will ever see. But, there is one image in particular that has caused the biggest sensation.

It shows the friendly and cute Gunner, licking and kissing his best aquatic friend. In less than a week, the post has racked up an astonishing 1.3 million thumbs up.

It has also been shared more than 240,000 times, showing us just how important and far-reaching a little unconditional love can be between two beings who adore each other madly.

“Sorry for interrupting important news,” reads the caption to the photo posted a few months ago.

After the snapshot went viral, it was discovered that Delta and Gunner have been best friends since they were both just puppies. Gunner is now seven years old and Delta is 10 years old.

They have shared many birthdays

The Dolphin Research Center in Florida, the latter’s place of residence, also shared a tender photo of the pair. At the time it was taken, Gunner was only eight weeks old, while Delta was only four.

He is always desperately looking for Delta

“I think cross-species relationships are the same as they would engage in between their own species. Some dogs don’t like just any other dog. Animals are very selective about who they share their lives with,” said an expert from the Dolphin Research Center.

However, in addition to the positive reactions, there were some who felt somewhat offended, since Delta appeared to be a dolphin subjected to captivity. However, the truth is that we all wish we could find a love like this.

Some experts say there are other reasons for this, as explained by Clive Wynne, professor of psychology at Arizona State University. He says that captivity is what makes two different animals tolerate each other.

He is overjoyed to be reunited with his furry friend.

However, beyond the animal psychology theory, there is something truly seductive and appealing about two totally different species. It is beautiful to see how they end up being brothers, and that “something” is Hope.

It is impossible to stop loving animals. Take care of them and respect them, as well as the rest of the environment where we live. Show them your sincere friendship, unconditional love and affection, just as they do with each other. They will surely repay you in kind.

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