A heartbreaking scene. The owner abandons his husky by the roadside, and what the poor dog does after it is touching

People may be so cr.u.el to animals at times that such situations are devastating. A guy in the United States recently left his husky by the side of a residential road and drove away. Another car videotaped the incident, and the footage was turned over to the authorities.

This incident occurred recently in El Paso, Texas, USA. Luis Antonio Campos, 68, a local, was cha.rged for mi.s.t.reating his dog. He fled the scene after leaving his husky on the side of a residential road. Another motorist was able to capture the incident on video.

Another guy can be seen in the footage stepping out of the vehicle with his dog, as the 68-year-old owner sits in the driver’s seat. The guy removes the husky’s collar and leash and leaves it on the roadside. The automobile then pulls away, and the upset dog rushes after it but fails to catch it.

This heartbreaking video quickly went viral, with critics denouncing the guy in every manner conceivable. Luis Antonio Campos was eventually recognized and apprehended by authorities. The offender will now have to pay a $5,000 fine.

Huckleberry Hound Dog Rescue took care of the dog. It was discovered and taken for a check-up, which revealed no health issues.

The dog was named Nanook, and it was quickly adopted by a new family. Nanook is now content in the company of loving people.

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