A little dog is desperate every time she sees the homeless man approaching her

A little dog can be the most sensitive and intelligent creature. To the point of being able to sense when people close to her love her or want to hurt her.

That was apparently the case with a spoiled little dog from Brazil, named Mimi.

One day, her owner, Edna Kobori, noticed a very strange behavior in the dog. She ran to the front door, and began to run around desperately, crying.

Suddenly, she realized that her reaction was in response to a homeless man walking down the sidewalk. And as she got closer to the gate, where the little dog remained, her distress became even greater.

The woman became frightened, thinking that perhaps the homeless man was hurting her. Hence the whimpering and the begging look of Mimi, as the furry dog is called.

Mimi is a really sensitive and special little pet. That’s why Edna’s heart froze, just thinking that her puppy would be suffering.

When she finally saw the man stop, she decided to hide and pull out her phone. That way she could record it without him being seen and have the evidence. But absolutely nothing prepared her for what happened next….

It turns out that the woman was totally wrong. And the little dog’s cry was nothing but excitement because she had formed the sweetest bond with the old man.

Edna was truly shocked for the better by what was going on between Mimi and the stray. And she continued to record, with tears in her eyes and somewhat regretful, for having misjudged the man because of his appearance, when in fact he was a true angel.

Since then, the encounters between the little dog and the man have not stopped. Especially because it is sweet Mimi who, when she sees him pass by her every morning, will prevent him from leaving at all costs if he does not greet her and give her his morning hug.

In this regard, Edna told next to the video that she spread on her networks, and that has touched the hearts of millions:

“His name is Sebastião. Every day, he stops to bring joy to my little dog. He can’t pass by my street without talking to Mimi. She knows who really loves animals and who doesn’t”.

She also said that grandpa is such a special man that she has even seen him talk lovingly with the birds.

Edna is not really sure when the interaction between Sebastião and Mimi began. What she does know is that since she filmed the scenes, the emotional routine has not stopped. And what happens each and every morning really moves her.

It is impressive to see how the little dog does not stop wagging her tail and walks back and forth when she begins to sense that her friend is approaching.

Then, the sweet man will clap his hands to greet her. And the ritual of hugs, kisses and cuddles will begin, melting anyone’s soul.

He, despite his advanced age, will not hesitate to bend down to the ground to caress her as much as she asks him to, until they merge in a mutual embrace that never seems to end.

This couple is perhaps the most beautiful of all time. Their displays of love are the envy of many.

Excited netizens have not stopped writing their comments, shocked by the scenes. “That’s true love and friendship. God bless you both”, “Awww, how she wags her tail non-stop! She knew it was coming and couldn’t hold back. What a beautiful bond!”, “Happy dogs, who discover their true friends by smell”, are just some of them.

It is a touching story that shows that a person does not need to have many material possessions to have the greatest wealth: a warm and loving heart. Although in the eyes of many he has little to offer, he is the richest man in the Universe. May life give you more of these beautiful moments together.

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