A little dog is freed from a heavy chain that for years took away her hope

Tilly is the name of our beautiful protagonist, a little dog that was freed from a heavy chain that for a long time weighed her down and limited much of her movements.

Her liberation was possible thanks to the Humane Society of the United States, who carried out an incredible rescue operation that ended up saving several furry dogs used for dogfighting.

Little dog is freed from a heavy chain that robbed her happiness

The rescue operation took place in Gaston County, North Carolina, where Tilly and other four-legged friends left behind a past full of pain that unfortunately left them with noticeable scars on their furry bodies.

Morgan Rivera, a member of the rescue group, described the moment Tilly was freed from the heavy chain and began a new life as a free and loved puppy.

Tilly had noticeable scars on her body and a large mark on her neck from the weight of the chain.

The exciting news was released through the Animal Humane Society’s Facebook page, the post reads:

“Tilly’s life is very different now. We rescued Buttercup, now known as Tilly, and other dogs from a venue that operated dog fighting in Gaston County, North Carolina.

The dogs were found living outside on heavy chains without access to adequate shelter, covered in fleas and with visible scars consistent with injuries typically seen in dog fighting cases.”

The puppies were outdoors on heavy chains and visibly abused, Tilly was the most conspicuous, she was not only isolated from the other puppies but looked crestfallen, her look conveyed sadness and pain.

Incredibly, when the rescuers arrived she tried to approach them, but the chain prevented her from reaching the rescuers who ended up becoming her lifeline.

After her release she surrendered to the caresses of her rescuers.

It was not until Morgan and part of the team approached the puppy that they managed to free her and without hesitation, she received them with more sweet kisses and caresses, she recognized that they were good people and without any fear she showed them her love.

The dogs used for this cruel activity require isolation and little or no sociability, causing them anxiety and frustration.

Tilly and the rest of the puppies went through a training and education process, luckily, they all responded in the best way and were soon adopted.

This time, these adorable dogs achieved a happy ending, but unfortunately, there are still many animals suffering under the power of unscrupulous people who use them for their personal interests.

In spite of the terrible past that Tilly lived through, from the very first moment she revealed that she was a cute furball.

The practice of dog fighting is considered one of the most unfair treatment of animals. They suffer a lot not only during training where they are affected, but in combat where they can even have a fatal outcome.

This is promoted by a network of illegal trafficking, a dark criminal business that affects thousands of dogs all over the world.

Now this dog enjoys a new life in total freedom, full of love and being the spoiled of the house.

As animal lovers and defenders, it is our duty to speak out against all unfair treatment and punish those responsible for this cruel activity, which encourages violence and deeply damages the social fabric.

Let us continue to raise our voices and fight for a world free of animal abuse.

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