A lost dog goes the police station to declare himself missing

Dogs can be naughty, but also interesting. This dog has attracted a lot of attention on the Internet with his work.

Everyone at the Odessa Police Department, Texas, was amazed when this dog came inside. Some probably thought they hadn’t woken up yet, as it was in the early hours of the morning, but it was actually very true. As everyone watched in disbelief, the dog approached the officer without a pause.

Rusty Martin is a sergeant who accepted the dog without any problems, who was completely relaxed. Then the cops realized that it would be best to play around with him a bit. The excitement was clearly seen in those moments, Sergeant Rusty told The Dodo. Everyone accepted him and played with him.

Regardless of everything, it is clear that nobody to the police do not come just like that, so they decided to find out who the dog really is. They thought it wouldn’t be a problem because he had a necklace around his neck, but there was no ID tag there. Then they decided to call people who could check the microchip.

However, it was too much for this dog so he decided to leave relaxed. He left just as he came.

Discovering that the dog is back with its owner and that he is in perfect health, everyone was very happy. This adorable dog is called Chico and, as Sergeant Martin says, he can come to the police station whenever he wants.

The owner lives with his dog Chico only a kilometer away from the police department. It was one visit that cheered everyone in the station, and everyone gave this dog love for that short time.

You can watch a little more about this unforgettable visit of Chico in the video.

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