A man risks everything to save the life of one of the most venomous snakes in the world

The love for animal life is the driving force of many, who even risk their lives to make sure they are well; however, we must take into account that some animals represent a danger to humans and while it is important to rescue them from danger, abandonment and mistreatment, we must also take into consideration the importance of life and try to make sure that both the animal and the rescuer are safe.

There are animals that represent a great danger to humans, especially snakes; there are many species whose venom can be deadly for people, causing their death in minutes, so when saving the life of a venomous snake you must work with care and professionalism.

The black snake is a highly venomous species whose venom has killed hundreds of people. It is one of the most dangerous snakes and one must be careful when near them, but this did not matter at all to Jesse Hesseling, 28, who saw a black snake in distress and decided to rescue it.

Hesseling was sailing a boat across the New South Wales River in Australia. Everything seemed to be going normally until the young man saw a black snake being attracted by the boat’s engine blades.

Being sucked in by the motor guaranteed a safe end for the snake and this touched the heart of the brave man, who could not allow this to happen, so he reached into the water and pulled it out of the way of the blades so that the reptile would survive.

The heroic act of this man was fortunately captured on video to show his bravery, at that moment 28 year old Hesseling just saw an animal in need and put aside any kind of fear, he had to help that poor animal that was in danger.

In the images of the video you can see how the young man risks his life to save the animal, you can appreciate how he fights with him to put him away from danger and avoid any kind of bite that could have been fatal for him.

The venom of this snake would have surely finished him off very quickly. Putting your life at risk to save the life of a being as important as yourself definitely implies having a love for nature; however, it is important to remember that with some animals you have to leave the heroic work to the professionals.

Hesseling acted according to the needs of the moment and did not think about his own welfare, only the animal’s. What would you have done if you were in that situation?

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