A puppy and a firefighter fight over a raccoon in the middle of a live transmission

A little dog and a fireman, without even thinking about it, have become the protagonists of some scenes that have already gone around the world. Perhaps because they are so funny and adorable, they show very well what a dog’s heart is made of and its tender mischievousness and innocence.

There are people who in the midst of the most serious or solemn moments cannot help but give a big laugh. Something similar happened during a live broadcast of the news program ADN 40, from Guadalajara, Mexico.

With no idea of what was going on, an adorable little dog stole the show.

A puppy and a firefighter stole the hearts of millions

Officers, firefighters and rescue workers were there to search for survivors but at the time of filming, one of the firefighters didn’t realize he was being filmed and couldn’t help but steal all the looks.

“I remember they were talking about a very sad news but I couldn’t concentrate because the little dog is so cute,” confessed a user on the networks.

A reporter was in one of the areas affected by Hurricane Elsa.

The reporter had started talking about a terrible news. A young influencer lost her life during a surgery.

However, it was somewhat difficult to concentrate on her words and everyone turned their eyes to what was happening in the background of the recording.

One of the firefighters was playing and struggling with a puppy. The reporter was doing her job without knowing what was going on behind her.

Firefighter and puppy struggled without knowing that they were melting all the networks with their fight.

The furry one had grabbed a rag and the officer was trying to get it away from him at all costs. At first glance, some might worry about that “fight” but it is evident that there is a huge affection between the two and they were having a great time while playing.

Besides, they were so focused that they didn’t realize they were being filmed.

“The firefighter is very respectful and loving. Good for him,” said one netizen.

The altercation didn’t escalate and the man, while almost losing his temper, never treated the furry one badly

The scene was so adorable that the cameraman himself seemed to be concentrating on the fireman’s games with the furry one.

As expected, the footage did not go unnoticed and in a matter of hours it went viral.

Many melted with the infectious joy of the firefighter and the puppy.

Thousands of users on the networks celebrated the cute friendship between the firefighter and the dog.

Unfortunately, so far they have not given any more information about the furry dog’s name, but it is already fair to say that he is a little celebrity. Moreover, the most endearing thing of all is that he turned out to be the absolute winner in the battle for the little trap.

“The fireman had to resort to petting. Doggies always come out on top,” said one user on the networks.

Some thought it might be a homeless dog, but others pointed out that it looked very well cared for and was probably a rescue canine working alongside the firefighter.

For many years, rescue dogs have played a vital role in rescue efforts.

“It’s a good thing the reporter didn’t notice them struggling in the back. They looked beautiful,” celebrated one netizen.

In the wreckage of a collapsed building and in the midst of such hard news as the reporter was giving, the little dogs still manage to bring a big smile to our faces. After all, who could resist playing with that cute little furball?

Check out the video that has left thousands of people permanently smiling:

This is further proof of the wonderful effect pets have on our lives. Even in the most difficult moments, furry ones will always help us feel better.

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