A teenager gets off the bus to help a skeletal puppy that nobody wanted

Most people think that a teenager has no high ideals in life. As if all young people should be lumped together, many adults judge them for thinking of themselves, joining in meaningless fads, and passing them by when others need help.

But, fortunately, they are definitely not all like that. And one teenager has given a lot to talk about when he decided to get off a bus to perform the most compassionate and caring gesture, which left all the passengers speechless.

Rescue stories always fill us with emotion and, although not all of them have a happy ending, they inspire and motivate us to continue helping.

One of them has the beautiful dog Victoria as the protagonist, who after receiving some care and love has shown a “zoo-surprising” recovery.

Victoria was left by her former owners on a street in Monterrey, Mexico.

Near the area where she was left lived a young man with a big heart, named Israel Iñaki. He is a teenager, but at his young age, he taught a lesson to his entire community when he got out of his transport to help the little dog he saw dying on the ground.

“I was coming from school, in the 340 fishbowl, I looked to my right side and there was this little dog, all malnourished, with no strength. Quickly, I got off the bus and ran home for food, water and gloves,” Israel wrote in a Facebook post.

This incredible teenager showed himself to be far more mature and caring than any adult

Although he didn’t have authorization from his parents to bring more pets home, Israel decided to break his home rules, hopeful that he would eventually convince them.

“As soon as I took a good look at her, my heart was broken, I couldn’t believe how the person who abandoned her could leave her here, in this bad state. They told me that she had been abandoned at night, total many people know how I am with dogs, they are the best thing for me, but the little dog was too long alone, no one gave her water, no food,” he continued in his publication, really shocked.

The young man was outraged and rightly so, other neighbors had seen the dog and no one was able to rescue her. But Israel was his heaven-sent angel who happened by and now the story is different.

“Thank God I passed by and was able to ‘rescue’ this beautiful living being, hopefully this publication along with the photos will put shame on that person who abandoned her,” he added.

The dog was literally in the bones but her destiny changed forever.

It has been a little more than six months since the boy rescued Victoria, he decided to call her that name because of the courage she showed in her recovery.

At first, the furry girl didn’t seem to have long to live, her ribs were completely scarred and her mood was discouraging. However, the love of family was vital to her pulling through.

Now Victoria left aside the inclement heat of the asphalt and loneliness to get used to the shelter and company of responsible owners who offer her love and protection. Her story reached the networks thanks to Israel himself who decided to share it.

“I can’t believe it, 6 months ago I saved your life, and today you are enjoying it, I love you with all my being,” Israel commented in another publication on Twitter.

Israel also shared pictures of how beautiful Victoria looks today. Her skeletal body and her sadness are behind her, now she is a healthy, corpulent furry and she also has the most beautiful smile on her face.

Bravo for those beings of light who dedicate themselves to save the lives of the most defenseless, send your blessings to Israel and Victoria.

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