A very injured and desolate puppy is found in the corner of a temple “praying” for its life

The scene of a little dog in a very pitiful state imploring heaven for some clemency, precisely in a “sacred place”, shocked their heroes. What happened after they felt compassion for this little soul, touches the soul.

It is really painful and outrageous to know that some innocent animals, who only know how to give love, came to this world to be victims of the cruelty of the human race.

But on the other side of these sad stories, there are also angels who appear as if sent from heaven at the right time to put everything back together again.

They never imagined that they would find a little dog “praying” for his life since who knows when

This is the case of the incredible rescuers of Animal Aid Unlimited, in India, an organization recognized worldwide for its shocking rescues. From animals on the verge of death, they bring out beings of light, against all odds.

These heroes were alerted to the presence of a small dog at the bottom of the foundations of an ancient temple.

But, they had no idea of what they would find when they crossed the pillars of those millenary structures, and totally at the bottom in a hidden corner, in front of an altar where a candle remained.

The desolate and defeated creature only begged for someone to notice it.

When they approached and saw the puppy’s position they were shocked by the scene:

“It seemed to be praying and begging for help.”

Crossing his little fingers in supplication, the dog seemed to be begging Heaven for help.

Help that miraculously arrived in the nick of time, because if it had taken a little longer, he would have been found dead, according to veterinarians later.

The terribly wounded furry dog’s pleas had finally been heard.

The dog’s wounds were enormous, but his heart was worse: shattered and devastated.

They soon discovered that some heartless person must have hurt him badly, but it is not known how the little dog got there, only that he seemed to understand that he was in the right place to ask for mercy.

He was bloodied and had almost no strength to move.

Despite the pain he was in, when they approached him to let him know everything would be okay and give him a few caresses, he seemed to melt at the outpouring of love from his rescuers.

She had never before felt how beautiful it was to have someone run their hand over her little head.

It was as if he had been longing with all his might to feel loved.

Seeing him close his little eyes while being caressed moved to tears….

Immediately, he was taken out of the depths of that ancient temple to a care center. There they found that his multiple wounds were deep and severe enough to have brought him certain death.

He lost blood in large quantities, was totally dehydrated and on the verge of collapse, and was not even able to move.

He was not even able to move and could not keep his eyes open, so he had to undergo special treatment for 4 weeks until he was stabilized and could at least stand upright.

The veterinarians did not measure themselves in love, care and sleeplessness. They named him Punkin

It is incredible to see how just a little bit of dedication and love was enough for the little guy to find the strength he needed to recover and make it.

In just over a month they celebrated his great recovery and now he is a strong, healthy dog and even eager to make friends at the animal shelter, where he remains.

Watch the most miraculous transformation thanks to love

Here you can see the details of this impressive rescue that has thrilled thousands of people:

What a beautiful story of recovery of a little dog, whose pleas were heard! If only all endings were like this….

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