A wild fox was seen threatening to attack a stray cat, but the real reason is unexpected

I bet you’ve never seen a relationship like this before. However, nature tends to surprise us and although sometimes it seems that humans do not deserve the kindness of animals, they do not skimp on offering us tenderness, love and a message of tolerance like few others.

A humble man witnessed a scene like the one we describe, full of tenderness, camaraderie and, if that wasn’t enough, completely and utterly surprising.

This fox and this cat surprised the fishermen of eastern Turkey

Although we do not know the name of this person, at least we are aware of the beautiful secret he shared on social networks.

The man we are telling you about is a fisherman who lives very close to Lake Van in eastern Turkey. One day when he was focused on his work, this guy came across a fox and a stray cat. Suddenly, things took an unexpected turn.

The fox did not attack the cat! Seeing the fox’s harmless attitude, the fisherman continued to observe them and what he discovered next was that the two little animals were actually very good friends.

The fisherman continued to watch the pair having fun, while taking several photos to document this beautiful friendship.

Since that moment, the fisherman has watched as the friendship between these two little animals has continued to grow and grow.

The fox and the cat are truly inseparable. He and other local fishermen continue to feed the pair, watch them have fun and play together.

Happy, they play together and do not leave each other’s side.

At first, seeing how the fox approached the cat, the fishermen thought it might hurt the kitty, but there is nothing to worry about.

It is obvious that they love each other, are constantly in each other’s company and take care of each other.

All rules are dissolved when we see situations like these, where predators and prey are able to become inseparable companions.

We’ve seen some pretty unusual animal friendships over the years, is there any science behind this?

Maybe these friendships between animals that couldn’t possibly get along all that well, aren’t so unusual or even all that strange after all!

Perhaps these interspecies (prey and predator) relationships are more common than we think, we just have to look a little further to notice.

Clearly the two have a great friendship

This video is a beautiful example of the friendship between a fox and a cat.

Luckily this fisherman shared his find, stealing the hearts of many. You can also surprise others by sharing this beautiful story.

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