A young man is filmed dealing with his golden who did not want to go up the escalator

A golden retriever dog became the center of attention in a shopping mall, when the difficult moment came for him to get on the “dreaded” escalators. Panic took over the poor creature, and no one imagined what his owner would do next….

Many pet videos go viral on the net because of the funny antics of some animals.

But many others win the sympathy of people because of the tenderness they inspire, especially if it is the human who shows affection, solidarity or compassion for the animal.

Such was the case of the video of a young man in the United States who was on a walk in a shopping mall.

The boy and his golden retriever, hitherto unknown, were walking through a shopping mall when it was time to go up to the upper level and to do so they had to use the escalators.

The boy walks as if nothing happened towards the stairs, but his dog slows down, giving him clear signs that he was not willing to get on that device.

But the dog’s fear of the stairs was not unfounded, according to experts, it is something instinctive in dogs due to incidents they have suffered while using them. In some cases it is unfortunately risky for them if their leash, one of their legs or their tail gets stuck.

With great patience, the young man bends down to his pet, takes it in his arms and carries it like a baby, taking it with him. From love and empathy, he understood his fear, making him feel protected.

The fearful golden trusted him completely and clung to his owner knowing that in his arms he would be safe.

The person who witnessed the scene, recorded the video until the moment when we can see the young man and his dog walking away on the escalator.

The golden looks back with the confidence that comes from knowing he is safe in the arms of his favorite human.

Many people have been touched by the young man’s gesture, his tolerance and understanding.

This boy serves as an example to many other pet owners!

The dog is quite a celebrity, since on his Instagram he has more than 130 thousand followers, with whom he shares all his adventures through adorable pictures and videos that captivate everyone.

He is very lucky to have a family so loving and committed to his well-being, that’s what we wish for all the pets in the world.

He is not the first dog to turn to his human companion to overcome his fear of escalators.

In fact, we can see numerous similar cases on the Internet, in which golden retrievers and other large breeds behave like fearful big guys when it comes to this curious mechanism.

Jasper’s case became very famous on the Internet. This golden retriever, who has his own Instagram account, had a similar episode at the Brookfield Place shopping center located in the city of Toronto, Canada.

Likewise, the puppy was taken in his owner’s arms to be able to climb the escalators. The video obtained thousands of views, as well as comments from many dog owners who live the same situation with their pets.

Fortunately for all these dogs, they have the affection and understanding of their owners, who, through a sweet gesture, show the beautiful relationship they have with their pets.

What about you? Would you do the same gesture with your pet? It is better to go up with them in your arms when using these stairs in public places to offer them calm and to prevent any incident.

The video went viral on social media, where it already has millions of views.

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