Abandoned 19-year-old puppy meets true love in its golden years

For an older dog to be put up for adoption can be quite a challenge, however, there are always people willing to offer them the best in their golden years and give them all the love they deserve.

Ace arrived at the shelter when the wildfires broke out, at quite an advanced age, 19 years old, although for us it may not seem like much, for the dogs it is almost the limit of their life.

19 year old doggy knows the true love of a family near the end of his life.

Just a few days after his arrival, Bonnie, a shelter volunteer, went to see him. She found a gray-haired dog with glassy eyes and severe dental problems.

At first glance he looked tired, it was easy to believe he was at the end of his life. But amazingly, when the little furry fellow first saw Bonnie, he walked toward her as if he recognized a true guardian angel.

Bonnie recognized that the little dog had a fighting spirit, a curious and playful furry who deserved another chance. She knew he had overcome through a lot and the last thing he needed was to spend his golden years in a shelter.

So she set out to improve what was left of sweet Ace’s life. She decided to take him home and introduced him to each place as if he were a new member of the family.

She just wanted his temporary stay to be as comfortable as possible, so she gave him a bed and a bowl of water and food.

The biggest challenge was introducing him to the rest of her small furry litter, who cautiously watched the new arrival from a distance.

“When I first brought Ace home, he was very aloof. He didn’t ask for attention. He didn’t seem to care if I petted him or not,” Bonnie said.

Over time, all the little furries became much more comfortable; within three months of his arrival, he had built up an adorable rapport with the other puppies. They played, ran around and enjoyed going for walks with their foster mom.

Although Ace was the oldest of the pack, he showed a lot of energy, he seemed to be a young dog enjoying his best years.

The time had come for him to say goodbye to his foster family, but shortly before being put up for adoption he had to undergo emergency dental surgery, so his adoption was delayed.

During this time, Bonnie realized how much love she had for Ace, he wasn’t just a puppy she had taken in while she found an ideal family, he was already part of her family and she didn’t want to lose him. So she made the decision to formally adopt him.

“When he first came up to me, put his head in my lap and started petting me, it touched my heart. That’s when I decided I was going to adopt him,” Bonnie noted.

For Bonnie the adoption was just paperwork, Ace was already part of her family and a special member of her little pack.

Finally, this sweet little dog will be able to enjoy his golden years surrounded by a family that loves him unconditionally, going through every corner of the house with his fighting spirit and transmitting all the love he has to give to those around him.

He is 19 years old but it is possible that he is beginning to enjoy a life full of happiness and lots of love.

No puppy deserves to be abandoned when he reaches adulthood. If he was there for you when he was full of energy and youth, keep him by your side and love him to the end. His little steps may be slow and his eyes may be tired but in his heart he still has a lot of love to give.

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