Abandoned dog just looks at the ground in the shelter without understanding why no one wants him

For a dog who adores his family with all his might, finding himself alone, sad and abandoned in a shelter is really hard to cope with.

He simply can’t understand how, overnight, his humans are gone, and all he wonders is what he did wrong for them to stop loving him.

The family of Ritter, our protagonist doggie, lost their home and sadly could no longer care for him.

Heartbroken, they surrendered him to the Animal Humane Society of Hamilton County, Indiana, USA.

As soon as they left him at the shelter, sadness took over the dog.

Many puppies upon arrival at the shelter are insecure and nervous, and Ritter was no exception.

Megan Bousley is a marketing specialist at the Humane Society in Hamilton who took in the puppy. She notes that when Ritter arrived at the shelter he was very confused and depressed.

Ritter didn’t understand why his family had abandoned him and was having a hard time adjusting to the new environment.

When they saw that the puppy was so sad, everyone at the shelter tried to cheer him up, they wanted the puppy to feel loved but all attempts were unsuccessful.

He didn’t like his new reality and even though everyone at the shelter gave him attention it wasn’t the same as having a real family.

Ritter just sat against the wall staring at the floor.

Everyone knew that Ritter’s sadness was just a shell, deep down he was a happy little dog wanting to go out and play and be loved.

At the shelter they decided to take pictures of him and post them on Facebook with the intention that someone would fall in love with Ritter and want to adopt him.

Soon the photo was shared thousands of times and fortunately a candidate for adoption appeared.

Sophie Spenia wanted to adopt a puppy and when she saw Ritter she knew he was the one.

The young woman was just waiting to get her own home because she had a big dog in mind.

As soon as she had her property she started building her home and of course a puppy was the star puppy. She started checking the Humane Society’s Facebook pages every day until she saw the heartwarming photos of Ritter.

When she read Ritter’s description she felt she had to take him home immediately.

“I immediately texted my sister and told her we had to go get him out of there,” Sophie said.

She asked her sister to accompany her to the shelter when she got off work, as there was definitely a puppy to rescue.

Within two hours her sister texted her and told her that the post was going viral, so they needed to go sooner.

Spenia talked to her boss who is also a dog lover and headed to the shelter.

The young woman immediately turned in Ritter’s adoption application and within days took the beautiful little dog home.

Ritter couldn’t stop smiling at his new owner and is now adjusting to his new home.

The puppy’s sadness disappeared as soon as he felt he was going to have the best mother. We are sure she will make him happy and they will have unforgettable adventures. However, his sad start at the shelter should be a reminder to all dog owners. They are extremely sensitive creatures, who feel and suffer, they don’t deserve to have their hearts broken in such a way.

May Ritter’s story serve to motivate more people to adopt dogs like him who need a home that gives them infinite love.


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