Abandoned dog rescued and saved against all odds

Life for a little abandoned dog changed completely after receiving the help she so desperately needed. Unfortunately, there are many furry dogs who must face a harsh reality after being abandoned.

In the midst of the desolation and deep pain that invades not only their body but their soul, many beg to receive a new opportunity that allows them to show that they also have the right to live, to be loved and respected like any other animal.

Abandoned Chihuahua dog surprises everyone with her determination to live.

This is the story of Lemon, a little Chihuahua who was rescued from the streets, her situation was alarming, she looked like a tiny lump of bony skin, with a lost look and full of fear.

She was emaciated, hyperthermic and dehydrated, so weak that she had no strength to stand, much less walk.

Her recovery process was quite slow, but the little dog seemed ready to fight for her life.

During the first days she was placed in a feeding tube to help her gain weight, her eyes were bulging, and she presented an inflammation in the tissues of that area that could affect the optic nerve.

Her rescuers did not know if it was the result of an ulcer or an eye perforation. He had several conditions and all needed to be treated.

In the midst of a not very encouraging panorama, little Luna kept wagging her little tail, it was as if she wanted to say that she was willing to fight and not to be left alone.

Little by little she was revealing small changes that encouraged her caregivers to keep going, after days of total uncertainty, they removed her feeding tube and gave her small portions of food throughout the day. Incredibly, soon after, she surprised everyone by taking her first steps.

Lemon did everything in her power, if she tried to walk and fell down, she got up and kept going, her fighting spirit moved those who were experiencing such an incredible transformation up close.

This adorable little dog started physiotherapy, her caregivers were certain that this would help her to stretch and strengthen her muscles, it would also improve her walking.

After a long process, little Lemon made big changes that made her caregivers’ hearts flutter with joy, her eyes slowly improved, she had gained twice her body weight and she could walk without tripping or falling so often.

Life for this adorable little dog changed completely thanks to the infinite love of her caregivers who undoubtedly became her earthly angels.

Today she lives with a rescued pit bull named Rosie, who has become a sort of guardian for Lemon, acting like a big sister, taking care of her and accompanying her not only when she needs to play and get into mischief, but also when she needs therapy.

Although Lemon may seem a little clumsy, she never ceases to learn and surprise everyone with her determination and fight.

It has been a few months since the day she was rescued with her eyes lost and very helpless, thanks to the incredible work of her caregivers and her will to live, she is a dog that shows us that there is nothing impossible when love and the will to fight are greater.

Her balance and coordination have improved by leaps and bounds, she still has a long way to go, but now she has the warmth of home and adoptive parents willing to continue improving her quality of life.

When we think that it is impossible to improve the life of a stray, let’s remember that behind every rescued dog there is a story of struggle and survival that was possible thanks to the love of people willing to change their lives. Adopt and be that bridge of love for a furry dog.

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