Abandoned puppy refuses to let go of his owner’s jacket, trusting he would come back for him

An abandoned puppy can be left with his heart broken in a thousand pieces. A thousand things will go through his head without being able to understand what he did wrong to be left like that, to his fate, when he thought that this would be his family for life.

The numerous cases of animal abandonment that arrive daily to Zoorprendente’s editorial office make us believe that it is quite easy for people to separate from their pets. No matter how many years they have shared or the moments they have lived, if to some humans the animals get in the way, they will easily leave them aside.

If people would only think more about the harm they cause these beings with their rejection, perhaps they would feel a little sympathy for them.

And if that doesn’t work, it might help to know the following story.

Honey is a rescued puppy who perfectly exemplifies the bitter face of abandonment. The canine was left unprotected on the side of the road where he waited for days for his owners to return.

The rescuers found the abandoned dog in a very sad scene.The furry dog’s loyalty is unquestionable, as the poor dog with the lost look spent all that time alone but clinging to his former human’s jacket.

Surely the person who abandoned him left him the garment in order to reassure him and the obedient dog stayed waiting for him to return.

This, evidently, never happened.

When Paws 4 Hope volunteers found Honey, they couldn’t help but be saddened by the scene. The little dog refused to be rescued, in his heart he kept hoping that his daddy would look for him and he didn’t understand that he had been abandoned.

The poor thing could not even assimilate that he had been abandoned.

To convince him to let himself be rescued, the volunteers had to take the jacket with them. The garment provided Honey with a kind of security, so taking it off would only make things worse and would be inhumane.

No one wanted to make him suffer any more.

Honey’s first days at the foundation’s shelter were quite stressful for him, the furry boy was not used to being with so many animals together. Fortunately, the jacket acted as a kind of amulet that controlled his anxiety.

Gradually he became more sociable.

During this time, the dog also received treatment to heal the lesions he had on his skin. It was evident that his owner had not been the most responsible, but even so, the little animal loved him.

This did not matter to him at the moment of abandoning him.

But as good things happen to good creatures, loyal Honey has been recovering little by little and the shelter will make sure to give him the love he needs.

“He’s beautiful, so patient, so calm. We will heal her whole body and heal her heart and place her in the best home,” said a spokesperson for Paws 4 Hope.

Honey has yet to heal but no doubt those who are encouraged to adopt him will have a little dog with an iron loyalty by his side.

If he was so loyal to his former owner, how much more loyal can he be to someone who will give him real love? For now we are happy to know that he is not alone and, even better, he has already been able to leave his jacket behind, which is a sign that he is adapting to the changes. And that the pieces of his shattered heart are starting to be glued back together.

They swear eternal love to us and we fail them, that’s not fair. May this story serve for all to see such an incredible example of loyalty.

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