Accidently, researchers came across a “terrifying” creature they had found in a hidden cave

Son Dunga is the largest cave in the world. Located on the border between Laos and Vietnam.

In 2013, the cave is open for tourists. Since then, many visitors claim to have seen the terrifying creatures – humanoids with skin of reptiles that resemble demons of mythology. There is also a case of a missing person who is not yet open.

Before 2013, a number of researchers have illegally entered the cave and many of them tell of encounters with monsters that describe the same.

The man who discovered the cave in 1992, says Ho Kang. He had met face to face with these creatures. Kahn described them as “devilish creatures” with a human body and skin of a lizard-like people “dragon” or reptile.

Cannes makes a picture without asking seal one of these creatures in the deep darkness of the cave.

At first glance the picture is difficult to discern anything else.But when we look more closely:

Sinister countenance of the creature, and very clear!

After digital image processing face of the underworld before us:Can discern his scaly skin and sinister expression!

According to Chinese mythology, these are “burrowers” legends for which there are literally thousands of years.

Legend of the “bottom land” is present even in the national folklore!Have you heard the theory that the Earth is hollow and in its bowels a highly developed civilization flourished !?

It is believed that caves Son Dunga are inputs to “bottom land” and this is probably the only picture of its inhabitants

Earth is really hollow? – Myths and Legends.

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