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You may have heard that everything is only limited by the boundaries of human imagination. Well, this holds true for surrealism tattoos that cross all the limits of imagination and existence. When we talk about body art, the surrealism tattoo style is undoubtedly among the strongest and most impressive out of the rest.

As long as your tattoo artist creates a design, so the fragments are in the correct manner, your surrealism is bound to turn out dream-like and incredibly eye-catching. This tattoo style offers a lot of room for creativity, so you can experiment with various color palettes or shapes.

Surrealism Tattoo

You can come up with an idea for your surrealism tattoo design. You can take components that exist in the real world or something from your imagination. Then, you can combine unique and separate components to create a unique concept. In fact, surrealism body art is all about creating art that encompasses reality and imagination alike.

A lot of people see surrealism tattoos as a form of body art that is no less than visual poetry and spectacular illusions. You are sure to send any onlookers on a mind trip with crazy surrealism tattoos. Let’s have a deeper look into this rather new and impressive tattoo style.

What Is Surrealism Tattoo Style?

The art of surrealism focuses on tapping the conscious mind to release the human brain’s creativity.


Surrealism was an art and literature movement that came not long after the realism movement. The realism movement involved artists recreating art as close to what they saw through their eyes in reality. They focused on precise detailing and perfection.

Body Tattoo for men

Contrary to realism, surrealism aims to recreate images that can only exist in the imagination. This 20th-century movement does this by creating an irrational juxtaposition of images. The tattoo style is greatly inspired and influenced by Salvador Dali, who is also known as the king of surrealism.

What do Surrealism Tattoos Look Like?

Surrealism tattoos consist of imaginary images that are exaggerated or merged with other different styles to come forth with fantastical illusions.

This genre of body art mainly focuses on imagery that does not exist in the real world but is still incredibly poetic and meaningful. Not to mention, these images are so perfectly designed that they almost look like they could exist in reality.

Star tattoo for men on leg

Surrealism tattoos evoke creativity, imagination, and dreams by presenting the unconscious being as something that exists in the real world. There are many ways of incorporating surrealism in ink artwork, but it all mostly combines elements from the real world to create something absolutely fantastical. In fact, you can say that these tattoos are a blend of reality and imagination.

Surrealism Tattoo Meanings

Surrealism tattoos are a great choice if you want to ink yourself in artwork that is unique and interesting to the human eye. But, a lot of people opt for this tattoo style for deeper reasons and meanings.

For example, you can create an image of a woman with a bouquet of flowers on her head. Doing so can depict the softness of femininity through the qualities of those flowers. Similarly, some people get surrealism tattoos to reflect their mysterious personalities or experiences. You can also bring your imagination to life by combining it with the visions you have within. The result is a beautiful artwork that you can apply to your skin.

Colourful back tattoo for men

Not to forget, surrealism tattoos offer a lot of room for the expansion of meanings. As you continue to experience life, the different elements in your surreal body art can reflect different experiences or parts and areas of your life.

Importance of Finding an Expert Tattoo Artist

The surrealism tattoo style is a rather new thing in the world of tattoo designs, which means not a lot of tattoo aficionados are aware of it. Moreover, it can also be hard to find a tattoo artist that has the required expertise and experience in this genre of tattoos. After all, surrealism tattoos give the ink artists a lot to work with. While surrealism tattoos are not very specific during the initial design stages, it is still important that they convey the right message and imagery.

Watercolour effect on leg

So not only is it important for your tattoo artist to have adequate skills and training, but good creativity is also a necessity. They must be able to imagine and create without reference as surreal images and illusions do not exist anywhere in the real world.

Mixing Surrealism Tattoo Style with Other Types of Tattoos

You can work on your surrealism tattoo with any type of tattoo, including blackwork, sketches, and abstracts. Let’s have a brief look at how you can do it.

Black-work Tattoos

Black-work tattoo style involves the use of pitch-black ink to create images on the skin. If your surrealism imagery holds a dark and moody vibe, this should be your go-to choice. You can work black-work tattoo in any surreal tattoo from cartoonish to somber.

Art line tattoo on arm for men

Sketch Tattoos

Sketch tattoos are also mostly colorless, using black and grey only. However, what makes this tattoo style different from blackwork is the depiction of elements with the use of incomplete strokes and overlapping lines. Sketch surrealism tattoos also involve shading that is bold in some areas and rough in others.

Sketch Whale tattoo on body for men

Abstract Tattoos

Simply put, abstract means separating something from another thing. While the surrealism tattoo style focuses on mixing different elements, you can also work it in abstract artwork. This is because abstract tattoos use colors, lines, shapes, and sizes to create visuals that have no source in external reality.

Abstract Tattoos on thigh for a guy

Surrealism Tattoo Ideas for You

If you are impressed by this tattoo style and would like to get yourself inked in a surreal tattoo, here is some inspiration for you.

Animal Surrealism Tattoos

As a matter of fact, most surrealism tattoos are incredibly bold. So if you are looking for an outrageous one, an animal-type surreal tattoo should be your pick. Some common animals that go into surreal art are wolves, tigers, birds, and fish.

Full body tattoo for men

Floral Surrealism Tattoos

Floral tattoos are a common theme in the genre of surrealism. Flowers and the effect of surrealism can together create exquisitely beautiful and meaningful body art.

Blue Flower tattoo for women

Nature Mix Surrealism Tattoos

You can mix up a portrait with the scenery from nature to create a nature-featuring surrealism tattoo. Such a tattoo reflects your spontaneity in similarity to the unpredictability of nature. On the other hand, it will also be very appealing to the eyes.

Face tattoo on chest for men

Bottom Line

The surrealism tattoo style is a new body art genre that features unrealistic and fantastical imagery. Any form of surreal artwork can have various interpretations and meanings. This tattoo style has no end to possibilities and allows you to get as creative as you want.

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