Adopts a puppy and publishes a letter to the person who abandoned her

An adopted dog is the protagonist of one of those sad stories with a happy ending, or rather, with a happy new beginning.

Molly is a Puddle dog who got a well-deserved new chance. In September she was rescued by angels who have allowed her to recover. We will tell her case from the letter that her rescuer wrote to the owner who allowed Molly to get to those terrible conditions of abandonment.

“It’s been 12 years since a puppy had come into your life, at the same time we were hugging three of our own. That’s the only thing we have in common. Yesterday I saw a picture and he looked like this”

“The fur tangled on his body, his ears and eyes manifested to have a serious infection, in fact one remained closed and inflamed.

I don’t know if you will recognize her, but you abandoned her and maybe it was a coincidence, but she somehow managed to escape”.

“It had been three weeks when heavy rains caused Molly to seek shelter on the porch of an unfamiliar house and not move from there.

She was then moved to a local shelter where they were going to euthanize her, as they do in most similar cases.

Even though she was not microchipped, they were able to identify that she had owners because her breed is unusual in the area and many people knew where she lived. So they contacted them, but they replied “I don’t want her”. Molly was elderly and in very poor condition.”

“With the excuses that he had a new job and had to move and his girlfriend doesn’t like dogs, there was no way Molly could return to her owner. They just didn’t want her home.”

The rescuer, Shannon, knew this dog had very few days to live unless a miracle happened, so she contacted the rescue group and wrote them a letter urgently asking for help, which she still has a copy of and will forever.

Melissa and Sue were part of this rescue and undertook to pay the adoption fee and vet bills.

They posted a notice that read, “She needs an urgent, forever home.”

Molly’s case was one of those difficult ones. She had to be adopted by someone who loved her breed and didn’t care about her health problems or her age.

So they did the paperwork and got the meds for Molly, Animal Control gave her a hug, waived the adoption fee for her. It was ten dollars, but they gave them a $20 donation.

At the end of his letter he told Molly’s former owner, that the little dog happily climbed into his car and now they are a family of 18: the two of them, five horses, three donkeys, two mini horses and six dogs.

Yes, they have six adorable dogs. And by the way they didn’t call her by the name she had, she is now called Molly and that’s how everyone knows her.

In their home there is plenty of room to welcome animals in need of love and protection, just like in their noble hearts.

Finally the little dog regained hope and joy.

How nice to hear stories like this! A new life for an abandoned dog, one more member for a large family where love is inexhaustible and a great lesson for the one who was able to get rid of his pet in such an ungrateful and insensitive way.

It is a commitment of all of us to raise our voices in favor of animal rights and to fight against abandonment. We are happy to know that this adorable dog has a family that loves her unconditionally as she deserves.

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