Adopts the oldest puppy and bursts into tears to see his reaction on the way home

Adopting a puppy is undoubtedly the greatest gesture of love that should be replicated the world over. But when we do it with an elderly furry little dog, it is a priceless act of mercy and compassion.

The pandemic has affected everyone and Kathryn LaRoche is no exception, for her living alone for all that time was terrible. After the death of her 20-year-old cat she was reluctant to welcome another older animal into her home.

But while browsing the Indy Humane website she came across Sonny and her opinion changed.

“It was a really heartbreaking experience, but it made me realize how wonderful senior pets can be,” Kathryn said.

Sonny is a 16-year-old puppy who had been rescued from the streets of Indianapolis and, although he had a microchip, all attempts to contact his owners were unsuccessful.

He was the oldest puppy in the shelter begging to fall in love with someone.

Kathryn immediately fell in love with his sweet face and after guessing that his advanced age might be an obstacle to finding another home, she decided to go to the shelter and meet him.

“I spent the days leading up to the meeting making sure I had everything ready for him at home, I wanted him to have a bed and toys if he came home with me,” Kathryn added.

Finally, the day came when Kathryn went to the shelter and met her oldest resident.

The shelter volunteers brought Sonny out and from the moment Kathryn saw him, she knew he was coming home with her.

She fell in love with him immediately

“They said I could spend a half hour with him to make a decision, but I went in to complete the paperwork without waiting any longer. I could tell he was a little nervous meeting new people, but he was such a happy, easy-going old man that I knew he would be perfect for me,” Kathryn said.

When Kathryn was on her way home with Sonny, this adorable pup couldn’t stop smiling.

Kathryn knew right away that she hadn’t made a mistake in taking him home with her. The reaction of the little dog as soon as he got into the car was so unexpected and touching that she burst into tears.

She couldn’t believe that his family had been able to just abandon him, when despite his advanced age he was so loving. She was sure he was the most faithful, and they had repaid him with the worst ingratitude.

But she vowed at that moment to love him with all her strength, to make amends for so much unlove.

From the first second in her new home, she sought to be as close as possible to Kathryn.

“He made it very clear from the first night that he wanted to sleep in bed with me under the covers,” Kathryn added.

Kathryn really enjoys hanging out with Sonny, who has adjusted very well to his new life, has already started to entertain himself with his toys and every time his mom grabs his winter jacket he gets excited to go for a walk.

“It’s only been a few days, but I can tell he’s already starting to trust me more and has become super cuddly. He always wants to be in the same room as me.”

Sonny is really a very adorable puppy, he makes sure to show his new mom how much love he has for her.

“Honestly, he looks like a dream dog and I can’t believe I was able to bring him home. He still has so much love to give and I feel so lucky to be able to take care of him and spoil him for the rest of his days,” concluded Kathryn.

Kathryn’s life has changed for the better since Sonny came into her home, after so many days of loneliness she and her older dog now have each other. Adopt a dog and your life will be forever transformed!

In this video you can learn more about this beautiful story of compassion that touches the souls of millions:

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