After a year in the shelter, the blind dog still can’t believe he “gets to run free in his own own field”

After spending more than a year at a UK shelter, Jacko, a 6-year-old blind border collie, needed to leave immediately. It appeared that time was running out for him to find a home, since he was visibly stressed by his living circumstances.

Then, just as Jacko was about to abandon all hope, the ideal application arrived.

“Jacko struggled in kennels,” said Cassie Mogford, a volunteer with Many Tears Animal Rescue, to The Dodo. “[Because he was blind,] he would become agitated by the loudness. Even though he was popular with the entire staff and we filled his days with as many activities as possible each day, it was never as wonderful as what a home could provide.”

Jacko maintained a positive attitude despite his predicament. Volunteers at the shelter remarked that he is “very cuddly, friendly, clever, and a really happy boy.” However, due to Jacko’s need for calm, delicate encounters, potential adoptions were delayed.

Mogford stated, “We determined that Jacko should be rehomed in a peaceful environment with one or two persons so he could gain trust.” Additionally, [someone with] a vast, secure place where he could safely and securely run around without having to go out onto the streets and public playgrounds.

Additionally, the shelter determined that he should reside in an adult-only home, which reduced the number of potential adopters. Then Sue arrived.

“After Jacko had been with us for one year, we posted a TikTok video of him,” Mogford added. “She met Jacko after submitting her application and fell in love with him. Then, a member of our staff escorted Jacko to her home to ensure that his trip was as stress-free as possible and that he had a smooth introduction to his new dog pals and home.”

The application was approved, and Jacko bonded immediately with his adoptive mother, Sue.

“Jacko now resides in the ideal spot,” stated Mogford. “Sue has performed miracles with him. She is a dog trainer with experience [training] blind dogs and has acres of territory for Jacko to roam freely. We could not have asked for a more ideal residence!”

Here you can observe Jacko enjoying his freedom run:

Sue told The Dodo, “I knew from the outset that he was the one for me.” “At first, he was a bit institutionalized and struggled with his new regime of complete freedom, and his manners with the other dogs have occasionally been a touch off, but we’re working on that. Very shortly, he warmed up to me.

Jacko is not interested in playing ball or tug-of-war, but he likes playing with Zoom, Sue’s other dog.

Sue stated, “I’ve been going through a hard time recently, and having Jacko [and Zoom] to focus on has helped boost my spirits.” “He truly deserves a shot at a permanent home. “I have the utmost appreciation for the rescue crew and everything they have done to get this puppy here.”

Not only did Jacko find a permanent home with a fun, new sibling, but he now has the space and freedom to run as fast and as freely as he desires, and he is enjoying every moment.

Adopt dogs like Jacko through Many Tears Animal Rescue.

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