Alien mummies discovered in the Atacama desert

Scientists Part of the scientific community speculated that it could only be the ancient practice of extending the skull. And this is just a kid who’s had such surgery

A mummified body of an alien was discovered in 2003, sparking significant debate among experts. Professor Harry Nolan identified him as a mutated entity. According to Ramon Navia, an official at the Institute for Exobiological Studies, the evidence indicates that a small mummy has been discovered.

An extended skull resembling Ata’s head was recently discovered in a cave in the Atacama Desert. Brian Fester, a brilliant scientist who regularly found the remains of people or aliens, examined the skull.

Professor Harry Nolan identified him as a mutated entityHe claimed that because the skull was lined with gray fur, it was not influenced by the weather. According to the researcher, it is extremely difficult to confirm what it is, even if at first glance it appears to be the remains of a person from another world.

Bone and tissue remains were transferred to various laboratories for further testing and DNA analysis.

We can’t say much until we know the result. Elongated skulls are extremely prevalent among elderly South Americans. Many other versions of these mummies have been proposed.

Part of the scientific community speculated that it might just be the ancient practice of extending the skull. And this is just one child who has had such surgery. Attempts are being made to demonstrate that this was not the case: and if that fails, the data can be fabricated.

Behind all this, there are others who do not wish to learn more about extraterrestrial civilization.

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