Astonished by the face simulation of the former female queen of Peru, Lady of Cao

A glimpse of the former priestess can now be seen in a replica of her face unveiled by culture officials and archaeologists on Monday

A replica of The Lady of Cao

The picture shows a replica of The Lady of Cao, a female mummy found at the archaeological site Huaca El Brujo, a grand pyramid of the ancient Moche pre-Hispanic culture.

The Lady of Cao is believed to have ruled over a desert valley in ancient Peru. Her elaborately tattooed body was buried with weapons and gold objects.

A replica of The Lady of Cao’s face

Peru?s culture officials and archaeologists on Monday unveiled a replica of her face using 3D imaging technology and forensics archaeology.

Scientists were able to replicate her face after analysing her skull structure and remains. Peru’s culture ministry said it took 10 months to create the replica.

Eduardo Ferreyros, Peru’s foreign commerce and tourism minister, looks at the replica of The Lady of Cao

The Lady of Cao is believed to have ᴅɪᴇᴅ in her twenties some 1,700 years ago. Archaeologists believe she ᴅɪᴇᴅ due to complications of childbirth but otherwise lived a healthy life.

Her arms and legs were covered with tattoos of snakes, spiders and other supernatural motifs.

The replica will be displayed in Peru’s culture ministry in the capital Lima through July 16.

Peru?s culture minister Salvador del Solar said the goal of creating the replica was to bring the world closer to one of Peru’s best archaeological finds and remind Peruvians of their rich cultural heritage.

“Its relevance is really incalculable,” del Solar said.”We can now show the world her face, a face that Peruvians see ourselves in.”

The Lady of Cao

Her preserved remains were discovered in 2005. The discovery challenged the belief that only men held high positions in ancient Moche society.

Several Moche female mummies have been found since in graves with objects denoting a high political and religious standing.

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