Baby elephant commits naïve theft and hides in shame behind a narrow pole

After having dedicated many stories to the two domestic mammals par excellence, such as canines and pussies, we do not want to miss the opportunity to also pay tribute to elephants, which are no less endearing for their size and which, as we will see below, have also been the protagonists of curious situations.

Through social networks we have been able to see a photo that has gone viral on all digital platforms, has stolen the heart and caused much hilarity to thousands of users.

The images show a baby pachyderm trying to hide behind a pole, in a very suspicious attitude. It turns out that last November 16, the little animal was caught red-handed, stealing sugar cane sticks from a farmer’s property in the town of Chiang Mai, northern Thailand.

It wasn’t me! Nobody sees me, I’m invisible.

Aware as he was of his misdeed, this eared, candy-loving baby had to avoid being caught. So the only curtain he had at his disposal was this thin lamp post behind which he pretended to go unnoticed. Of course, the innocence of this beautiful specimen unleashed laughter, but also a lot of tenderness in the spectators.

It is difficult to resist the efforts of the little one to hide and avoid reprisals after his misdeed. He did not hesitate to throw himself into the sweet feast. Minutes later, people in the area approached and caught him.

“In order not to be caught, the elephant tried to run away and hid behind a lamp post,” reads one of the descriptive comments on the cute post.

According to witnesses, the animal stayed very still behind the pole, probably hoping to become invisible to the eyes of others. But it seems that it forgot to calculate the proportions of its den in relation to itself.

For their part, users of social networks have continued to make hundreds of jokes and ironic comments about what happened, provoking amused laughter from everyone. Although others lament that this poor baby has to hide in shame because he is stealing what once belonged to him. There is no doubt that the human is to blame for everything.

“Can we talk once and for all about the elephant in the room, or, which elephant?” are some of the reactions that can be read in the post.

The proper species inhabiting the region of Thailand is the smaller-eared Indian elephant. There, some 2,000 elephants live in the wild, immersed in the jungle or in national parks, and a similar number in captivity.

They are considered as animals at risk of extinction, so since 1986 they are protected by the laws of the State. Killing one can carry a penalty of up to three years in prison. However, as we could see, they sometimes enter areas inhabited by humans, especially in areas of cultivation and food gathering.

Share this funny story with your best friends and loved ones. Enjoy what our wonderful Animal Kingdom offers us on a daily basis.

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