Beautiful well-cared-for kitten found with a note written by a little girl, asking for a good owner

When they found a beautiful, well-cared-for kitten along with a note, they couldn’t understand what could have moved her owners to leave her to her fate; she looked like a pampered kitten. The note left them with a crumpled heart. Her owner was a little girl, and she was actually asking for help.

Many animals are left on the street, as in the case of this beautiful kitten from Illinois, USA, who was found with a written message that makes you want to cry.

When we find an abandoned animal, we immediately point our fingers at its owners, unable to understand how they are able to get rid of these sweet creatures. However, not always everything is as it seems, and sometimes behind a little animal left to its fate, the most touching story can be hidden.

This is a beautiful Siamese cat found on the street and taken to the Effingham County Animal Shelter in Illinois. Her behavior indicated that she was not just any stray, but a pet living in a home, but the reasons that led her to the street are unknown.

Vilet when found with the note, clearly a well cared for kitten, came from some homenote.

“She’s very, very sweet and loves to have her head scratched,” said Michaela Muzzy, the kitten’s rescuer.

A crumpled piece of paper that was found in the pink collar, which she wore around her neck, ratified what was thought of her. It was written in purple ink, covered the entire page with messy, sloppy handwriting and some spelling errors. It had undoubtedly been done by a child.

“Goodbye, Vilet. I think that name chose you. I wish I could keep you. Goodbye Vilet, I hope you have a good owner. To the owner: Take good care of her. By the way, I named her after you. Thank you! Love, Lacey,” the note read.

The shelter staff read the message written on the crumpled paper, learned that her name was Vilet, and that a little girl adored her, but had to part with her.

“When we pulled it out and read it, it just tugs at your heartstrings,” said Vanessa Skavlem, the animal control officer at the shelter. “I can imagine a child who loves this little thing, and knows he can’t keep her,” she added.

Vilet did not have a microchip that could make it easier to locate her humans. What they came up with was to post a photo of the kitten on social media along with the note.

Users were touched by Lacey’s letter, and many wanted to adopt Vilet. Cindy Murray was one of those who saw the post and cried because of what she read.

“You could tell it was written by a child who loved this cat, but was no longer able to hold her and wants her to go to a good home,” Cindy said.

“I captured the post and sent it to my husband at work, and I said, ‘I want to go get this cat. I love it, tell me about it,’ he replied,” the woman said.

The husband replied that if she liked it, don’t hesitate and go get it. At first the kitty was nervous but quickly adjusted to her new family. Cindy and her husband care for her and spoil her like a daughter, and she purrs happily.

Cindy and Vilet

But Cindy wants to tell Lacey through the interwebs to be calm and confident that Vilet has a wonderful life and lacks for nothing.

What a beautiful and clever detail that little girl had when she wrote the note, perhaps she never imagined the effect it would have on the life of her beloved kitty.

It’s hard to hold back tears when things like this happen!

We are so glad that cute, sweet Vilet has found a good home just as Lacey asked. We hope the sweet little girl can find comfort in knowing that her beloved pet is safe thanks to your little love-filled letter.


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