Blind puppy rescued after jumping into a puddle with his face to the sky, awaiting his end

Unable to see and with a deep sadness in his soul, the little dog in this story decided to lie down in the mud to wait for the canine angels to come down and look for him.

It is not that the furry little dog did not want to live but he felt that his strength was exhausted, luckily a group of Samaritans arrived to save him.

Seeing the little dog in that condition was a real sadness.

It was the volunteers of Animal Step Official, who found him apparently asleep in the mud.

But, what was really happening was that the animal had no more strength to go on, the same dog had resigned himself to cross the bridge in case no one came to rescue him.

The poor thing was resigned to die.

Although they tried to lift him up, the little animal could not stand up because he had endured so much hunger and pain for days.

No one can say exactly how long he had been in that state. The reality is that the dog was not only dehydrated and in bones, but he also had a strong injury in one of his eyes.

This puppy had been abandoned, despite his lack of vision.

After dedicating his best years to those he considered his family, he had been cast aside because of his blindness. When they found him, the dog had a serious injury in one of his eyes that had not been taken care of, so they decided to rescue him to give him the help he deserved.

No animal deserves to go through this pain and that is why it is necessary that we all think again, we must be more sensitive to make this earth a happier place.

That is precisely what the rescuers who helped the little dog tried to do.

His rescuers took him in their arms and took him to a veterinary clinic for a check-up. He had already suffered a lot, so the dog deserved to be helped. The attending doctor performed an exploratory check on his eye to see how serious his condition was.

But on top of that, the doggie was given intravenous fluids to hydrate him and get his strength back. These people were there to help him and would not leave him alone after rescuing him from that puddle.

They were going to do everything they could to make him happy and see him healthy.

It turned out that this little friend was also suffering from severe anemia and they had to give him blood transfusions to boost his defenses and values. Although the process was a bit distressing for the dog, he behaved like a warrior.

The little dog was able to stand up, after receiving the proper care and medicine. That moment was quite special for everyone at the clinic.

No doubt the animal was lucky to be found in time.

A month after his rescue, the puppy was a different dog. No one would have imagined that it was the dog found in that horrible puddle.

Not even his former family would have recognized him, it is a pity that they refused to fight by his side and denied themselves the possibility to see the recovery of this little angel.

Look at the beautiful recovery of this little dog.

This helpless being was left aside just because he was blinded, an act that has no justification whatsoever.

But the important thing is that he will never go through that again or suffer any harm, since the people who rescued him are rehabilitating him to find him a real family.

A family very different from the one that left him when he needed them the most.

The good thing about this story is that it didn’t take long for those people to come into the dog’s life. One woman was so interested in his case that she went to meet him at the shelter and decided to adopt him.

Now this helpless puppy will know what it means to live happily and to be loved.

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